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Aussie Road Trip Gallery: The Roadside Finds On A Long Trip Across Oz

Aussie Road Trip Gallery: The Roadside Finds On A Long Trip Across Oz

(Photos by Darryl Daniels) – We’ve been showing you cool photos from the Top Gear Festival in Australia recently and those photos came from Darryl Danies who lives down there. Darryl went on a long road trip with his grandson to get to the event and he did it the BangShifty way, by stopping at every cool old car and truck he saw on the side of the road to shoot photos. Like cruising rural America, Australia’s wide open spaces have lots of cool iron “resting” in them as well. You’ll see old hot rod projects, trucks, parts, and other stuff in this gallery that would be just as home in Texas as it is in Australia…outside of the steering wheels being on the “wrong” side for us in the USA!

One of the things we dug was the graveyard of old International trucks that Darryl found and scoped out. Some have been sitting long enough that trees are growing up through their engine compartments! There are a bunch of fully intact medium duty Internationals that look to be from the 1960s, which are 4WD and have just the right amount of patina to be perfect. Knowing old trucks like we do, it seems that the medium duty jobs were Aussie models only as we’ve never seen any that look like those here in the States. The canted headlight surrounds look like they were pulled from early 1960s Chryslers!

This is a cool gallery because we now know that a road trip in Australia would be as tantalizing and fun as they are here…dreaming about making cool projects out of all that cool old stuff!



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4 thoughts on “Aussie Road Trip Gallery: The Roadside Finds On A Long Trip Across Oz

  1. hoosierl98gta

    Brian’ your killing me. I had the 2 ton version of that yellow IH that looks like a 1 ton. Man I wish I hadn’t sold it.Sweet pics Darryl. Cool old iron.

  2. Greg Rourke

    Wow. I must have spent an hour looking at these shots. I’m digging the belt driven distributor on the blown Ford. That blower drive appears home built. What is that Honda powered blower powering? Some sort of pump? Thank you Darryl, killer shots. I hope you have more.

    1. Anonymous

      This is Darryl here ,somehow I’m now Annymous, the Blower is being used for a dust blower to mine gold mate!

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