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Guerilla Power Tour Coverage: Rain, Heat, Traffic and that (expletive) GPS

Guerilla Power Tour Coverage: Rain, Heat, Traffic and that (expletive) GPS

BangShifter Mike Cosky cruised his bad ass Buick convertible on the back end of the 2010 Power Tour and sent us a cool dispatch from the road. Ok, cool being a bad word because of the pavement melting heat experienced in a couple of spots on the Power Tour, but you get the idea. Read on for the rest of the story.


 Sent by BangShift.com reader Mike Cosky, June 11, 12:44AM

 Chattanooga was all about rain. It rain most of the way there and soon as we hit the Coker tire block party it started raining again. We still enjoyed the open house. The building that houses Coker tire and Honest Charlies is as impressive as what’s in it. Wish we would of got there earlier though because it looked like it was


We lucked out as our hotel had covered parking but unfortunately it was full when we got back. Found out why the next morning as folks from neighboring hotels had parked in our covered lot. Thanks a lot guys!

The drive out of Chattanooga in the morning was beautiful but the closer we got to b’ham the hotter it got and the worse traffic got. When we finally got to Regions Park it was blistering but that didn’t stop me from making three passes on the autocross. The first two of which Chad (who was announcing) mocked me openly for not having the top down so on the third run I had to comply 🙂

Upon leaving to Park I typed the hotel address into the gps on my blackberry and embarked on what would be a journey through at least three of Dante’s rings of hell. Without getting into all the details I’ll just say always listen to the guy at the gas station. Had I trusted to him to get us around the traffic jam instead of trusting the GPS I’d of gotten to the hotel at least an hour sooner.

The much talked about cruise in Pelham never really materialized. I think people where just fried plus the cops were out keeping the shenanigans under control.

Mike and his Buick 

The dreaded rain! 

That's one beautiful Bufort! 

Cool old bridge 

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