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Highway Creepers Show Coverage: Our Last Blast Of Photos From The Event

Highway Creepers Show Coverage: Our Last Blast Of Photos From The Event

(Photos by Scott Liggett) – For about as long as there have been people messing with cars there have been car clubs serving as places for enthusiasts to gather, bench race, fight, talk smack, and build cars. The car clubs of today are lots the same as their ancestral clubs that were formed just after WWII when hot rodders returned home and started wrenching, racing, and revolutionizing popular culture. Yes the cars are different, the technology is different, and the names are different but the camaraderie and ethos are all the same. Thousands of hot rods have been built over the years by car club members and the Highway Creepers in Nebraska are keeping that spirit alive.

We think it is cool when clubs are able to work with their respective communities and put on shows like this one. Who knows, one of those kids that came through and checked out the rusty, shiny, classic, and odd, cars may carry that memory with him through the years until he’s got some stuff of his own to work on. We know guys who have joined the same clubs their dads were in decades ago. How cool is that?

This is our last look at the Highway Creepers 2015 show. Looks like a blast. Thanks to Scott Liggett for the coverage and the Highway Creepers for their iron!

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5 thoughts on “Highway Creepers Show Coverage: Our Last Blast Of Photos From The Event

  1. jeff

    I’m no expert, but that lead picture BBC with a turbo looks like a bomb ready to go off. Who in their right mind would want to run an air/FUEL mixture through a hot compressor?? Most setups would force air into the carb, not receive it from the carb! Looks dangerous as hell. But seeing that the rest of the car looks like a deathtrap, the owner probably has the same regard for life as he does taste.

    1. Apparently, Not

      Just a draw through setup. This concept was used in some OE applications, including Pontiac’s 301 turbo Trans Am.

        1. Scott Liggett

          GM only used draw through systems on their turbo set ups back in the carb era. Those turbos barely made 6 psi of boost back then too. I am more terrorified at this guy’s welding.

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