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Photo Gallery: Galpin Auto Sports Collection, Including Ed Roth and Von Dutch Stuff

Photo Gallery: Galpin Auto Sports Collection, Including Ed Roth and Von Dutch Stuff

Galpin Auto Sports is most often known for one of two things. Being the biggest and baddest Ford dealership on the planet is one, and the other is the reputation they have for building weirdo cars. Yep, we said it. Weirdo cars. Pimp My Ride, the popular MTV automotive makeover show calls Galpin Auto Sports home, and is responsible for some strange creations. But what people may not know is that Galpin also has a killer collection of classics, muscle cars, and customs including the famous Roth Orbitron.

The Galpin Premier Collection consists of high-end cars available for sale, as well as a private collection owned by Galpin. The collection includes some bitchin hardware, like a killer Zephyr custom, several GT350 Mustangs, and countless other incredibly rare pieces. But what most hot rodders want to see, and what made BangShift.com contributor Joe Grippo want to check it out, is the incredible collection of Ed Roth and Von Dutch cars and memorabilia. Besides the afformentioned Orbitron, you’ll find Ed’s Honda Civic, and enough Rat Finks to warrant a team of exterminators. Hell, they even have Von Dutch’s “The Toad” in their place along with his entire tool collection. The number of cars and cool stuff are incredible, and eclectic. Our favorite is the Galpin Gasser ’56 Chevy.

In addition to the killer collection of cars, tools, and memorabilia, Galpin Auto Sports also has a full fledged speed shop on site with performance parts from all your favorite manufacturers. If you are going to be in the Los Angeles area, make sure you head over to Van Nuys and visit the gang at Galpin. And don’t forget to tell them BangShift sent you.

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