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SEMA Show 2019: Garrett – Advancing Motion To Have Twin Turbo LS Powered Lamborghini Huracan In Their Booth

SEMA Show 2019: Garrett – Advancing Motion To Have Twin Turbo LS Powered Lamborghini Huracan In Their Booth

Well, it isn’t just just people in the USA that’ll have their dander up about LS swaps, the Italians can get in on the mix now as well! That’s right, as the title suggests, Garrett-Advancing Motion will have an amazingly well done twin-turbocharged LS powered, stick shift Lamborghini Huracan in their booth at the 2019 SEMA show. This car has been built on the B is for Build YouTube channel and the work, fabrication, and skill to make it all work is insane.

You have to remember a few things here. One, getting the engine, trans, and all that stuff working was a huge task and then two, putting a legit gear jammer in the car is insane. This is the only stick shifted Huracan on planet Earth and these guys did it.

The engine is a 430ci Texas Speed piece and the throws are Garrett GTX3582R Gen II chargers. The transmission is a Graziano unit that came from an Audi R8. There’s loads of awesome here and we’re sure this thing will get LOADS of attention!

Garrett – Advancing Motion to Unveil Twin Turbo LS-Powered Lamborghini Huracan at the 2019 SEMA Show

WHAT: Garrett – Advancing Motion will be pulling the cover off an unprecedented custom vehicle built by YouTube personality Chris Steinbacher of B is for Build at the 2019 SEMA Show. The 2015 Lamborghini Huracan was purchased as a fire-damaged bare shell and has been transformed into the world’s first manual transmission, LS-powered, twin-turbocharged Huracan. The vehicle is equipped with a 430 cubic inch Texas Speed LS engine, twin Garrett GTX3582R Gen II turbochargers and a Graziano transmission from an Audi R8. The body of the vehicle has been modified based on a Khyzyl Saleem design and outfitted with carbon fiber body panels from a Huracan Super Trofeo.Garrett – Advancing Motion will also be hosting a meet and greet with Chris and the B is for Build team at the booth Wednesday, November 6th from 3-5 p.m.

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9 thoughts on “SEMA Show 2019: Garrett – Advancing Motion To Have Twin Turbo LS Powered Lamborghini Huracan In Their Booth

  1. OKSnake08

    I’m sure there is a ton of fabrication, one off solutions cad/cam prototypes and good old fashioned hard work and a mountain of commitment but in the end no matter how well executed you put a small block in a Lambo. Is it pretty ? Yep. Is it fast? Most likely . Faster than my car ? Most likely. Is it worth anything near it’s cost to build? Seems highly unlikely. In the end it’s a modern supercar with a 2V pushrod V8. Even if it’s quicker or faster it’s lost something….or everything. I would love to have the time talent and money that was spent building this but if they offered a straight trade for my DD ? Nah it’s doomed to be finicky and/or unreliable ( which the original may have been as well) and in reality it’s a high end kit car.

    1. Johnny Prestone

      Yeah, heaven forbid someone builds something that you don’t like…. You’re such a tool Geordie. I’d love to see half of what you’ve built in your pathetic life.

  2. john T

    Jeez an LS brings all the haters out to play…I’d love Bangshift to be able to include pictures up with the comments and there should be a rule: if you can’t put up a picture of what YOU built thats better, how bout you shut the fuck up?

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