Harley-Davidson Shows Off New 2019 FXDR 114 Power Cruiser – This One Got Our Attention

Harley-Davidson Shows Off New 2019 FXDR 114 Power Cruiser – This One Got Our Attention

I’ve never owned a motorcycle and I have only ever ridden them very sparingly. I can’t say that many bikes have tripped my trigger enough to go, “Wait…what’s that?!” Recently I have been paying more attention to motorcycles. Some of it is by design as I’ve shot TV shows with nitro burning dirt drag racers and recently shot an episode with an insane no-wheelie bar pro street style bike. Beyond that we have been carrying some motorcycle drag racing coverage here on BangShift and that’s kept me paying attention as well. Combine those factors and then the release this week of video and images of the upcoming 2019 Harley-Davidson FDXR 114 and all of a sudden I am smitten. This bike looks pretty bad ass and by the specs, it seems like it would be fun as hell to ride. Am I wrong here?

I think the fact that the motorcycle seems to include (again, to my completely uneducated ass on the subject) elements of both a sport bike and a drag bike with its “big n’ little” style front and rear ties, the narrow handlebars and body work, and the lack of a sweeping rear fender as part of the body. There’s a very modern appearance to this bike and to me, it’s the type of machine that gets a guy like me who could not care less for a big motorcycle laden with saddle bags and junk off of his ass and into a showroom.

The engine is a the Milwaukee-Eight 114 which is a 4-vave per head, 114ci, V-twin that makes more than 100hp and gobs more torque than that. The rig should move as well as it looks, at least by my math.

Between the drag race styles air intake, the neat looking exhaust, cool rear swing arm with a mono-shock, and the nip-tuck modern looks, I’m kind of in love. Hmmmm……

Press play below to see the bike in action – what do you think? We’re liking it!

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12 thoughts on “Harley-Davidson Shows Off New 2019 FXDR 114 Power Cruiser – This One Got Our Attention


    I like my litte 88 that motivates my Electra Glide and the 103 in my wifes Deluxe is pretty snappy but man, I really, really want to toss a leg over something with the Milwaukee Eight -114. THe reviews have been glowing. This is a good looking scooter but, for the long haul it would be back breaking. As a commuter or bar hopper it would be killer.

  2. bob

    It will never fly and that’s a shame. Harley realized years ago that their buyers were aging and they needed to try and attract a younger crowd, hence the V-Rod. Harley guys shunned it and it was probably the best bike they ever built. So here we go again, unless it is leaking oil, vibrating like a dildo, nobody will want it. What a nice looking bike though.

    1. Singapore Hot Rod

      100% agree! The V-Rod is an awesome bike and it will be the last HD I buy (I had 5 big twins before the V-Rod). It’s a shame it didn’t sell better. I’ll be heading to the KTM dealer in the future.

  3. Robert

    They had nice hot rod style bikes back when they had Buell and they ruined that. no thanks on this model.

  4. crazy canuck

    needs more power to compete with v max , diavel ,looks good though better than the v rod did

  5. Gary

    Meh. The V-Rod was a great cross between cruiser and sport bike. Buell was a hard edged sportbike, but underpowered.
    Add to that the $ of buying the name? No thanks.
    I’ll stick with my Kawasakis, made in Lincoln, Nebraska since the early ’80’s.

  6. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Just get rid of that hideous muffler and exhaust system and then you might have a chance to sell a few more. It ruins the lines of the bike and will probably be the first thing that new owners will change anyway!

    I like this bike as it is influenced by the growing retro cafe racer movement and I think it will attract more sales in the UK and Europe.

  7. andyb

    If you haven’t noticed, basically anything with a stock exhaust looks woeful these days. Blame the stringent emissions laws.

    The problem I have with it is simple…. a motor THAT big, and it’s making nearly half the power it should. You can get a (admittedly, 4-valve) twin in the 1200cc range to make a comfortable 180hp on pump gas with a massive spread of torque, and this thing is aiming at the approximate power of a good 600?

    If you want muscle, you’re looking for a ZX14 or a Busa. This is a lifestyle bike, not fast enough to be brutal, and not ‘Harley’ enough to fit in with the bar crowd. Won’t sell for crap.

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