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Jim Wangers’ Big 3 Performance GTO…What Else?

Jim Wangers was the marketing guy behind the Pontiac GTO. We know he’s good at marketing because he’s managed to make a living off that fact for like 40 years.

And the hits just keep on coming.

Wangers has teamed up with Wisconsin’s own Big 3 Performance to design and built a modernized version of the ’69 GTO Judge. The exterior tweaks are mostly subtle as you can see by the rendering. Expanding the nostrils on the hood, adding a chin spoiler under the bumper and of course going with the de rigueur Pro Touring wheel and tire combo all add up to something that we don’t think looks better than an original ’69 Carousel Red Judge.

No doubt that the suspension will be all gussied up with the latest and greatest pieces.

Sweet Lord, they better put a Pontiac motor in it.

Wangers GTO

Here’s more from Big 3 performance:

The first first rendering of Jim Wangers/Big 3 Performance GTO has all the makings of a home run effort.  Combined with the efforts of Big 3 Performance brings an aggressive approach to the now common protouring movement.

Over the past three months Jim Wangers Productions and Big 3 Performance spent countless hours fine tuning a modernized interpretation of Pontiac’s American Icon, the 1969 GTO Judge.   Through the illustration shown above, you can see that styling and function working hand in hand was a major consideration in the design of the Wangers Edition GTO.

The subtle placement of Jim Wangers Signature in the grille, the bold billet Judge badge on the fender and the slimmed Judge body stripe are just a few of many small touches added to the Goat’s new look.  The aggressive restyling of the hood scoops hint towards a deep breathing V8 under the hood while the not so subtle openings in the chin spoiler look to provide increased ventilation for a potential larger brake system.  The projector style fog lights help to give the front end a modern look while the restyled interpretation of a rally 2 wheel all but screams Pontiac heritage.  
Big 3’s V.P of Sales and Marketing, Anthony Stephenson, assures the general public this is just a taste of things to come.

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