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More Charges Heaped on Evan Knoll – Trial Pushed Back to May

More Charges Heaped on Evan Knoll – Trial Pushed Back to May

Evan Knoll’s defense team is starting to look more and more like a legal version of Gen. Custer and his men. Knoll’s trial was slated to begin in just a couple of weeks but prosecutors heaped an additional seven charges onto an already massive list, once again charging Knoll with lying about his financial state and affairs along with taking nearly $100-million in tax refunds that he should have never even requested in the first place.

With the last batch of charges, Knoll was looking at the potential of more than 50 years in prison if convicted. We are not sure what the additional charges bring with them regarding prison time, but as Knoll is a middle aged man, a 50 year sentence would pretty much be curtains for him anyway. Briefly recapping the central issue in the case, Knoll, according to prosecutors, falsely claimed that he was making far larger volumes of race gas than he actually was. Since race gas is tax exempt, he would then file for credits from the government to be reimbursed on the taxes he was charged on said huge volumes of fuel. The government is claiming that those credits were ill-gotten and in addition to that, he defrauded banks and other institutions into getting loans based on false financial statements and documentation.

Since the government attorneys seem to be dropping legal bombs every few weeks in this case and Knoll’s defense team has been slightly less noisy than a Charley Chaplin film, we’re guessing things are a little tense on Knoll’s side of the case.

We’ll keep you posted on any new news, charges, or changes in the case as they happen!

Thanks to Malc for the tip!


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4 thoughts on “More Charges Heaped on Evan Knoll – Trial Pushed Back to May

  1. Alan

    The entire drag racing community treated Evan like a giant, walking-flapping wallet. The poor guy just wanted to be a part of the drag racing elite, Mike Ashley who was also dancing on top of the fire couldn’t get enough of this guy.

    Mike Ashley was/is at the forefront of everything that went wrong with our current economy, painted a portrait of Evan on his’ F/C’s hood.

    “Keep the Money coming, Evan.”

    -Mike Ashley

    1. Joe s

      No matter what people say about evan knoll was a great supporter of dragracing around the country and to a lot of teams toured the country on his dime, and he was a pretty good racer himself, good luck evan, a supporter from michigan.

  2. Cliff

    I saw this on his F.B. from last night under a pic of Mike Ashleys F/C ha ha..

    Evan Knoll We Won Mike Asley and our TEAM STRAIGHT UP and was competing againg the SO-CALLED $ car teams what a “””””TEAM WE HAD””””” I have a FEELING WE WILL BE BACK PERIOD!!!!! ESTIMATED 3-5 MONTHES!! GET READY ALL…
    17 hours ago · Like · 3

    A very good source told Me the trial has been postponed again until later in August…WTF !!

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