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American Powertrain Releases White Lightning Street Rod Edition Shifter For Tremec T5

American Powertrain Releases White Lightning Street Rod Edition Shifter For Tremec T5

Solutions. The high performance aftermarket was born on the idea of providing solutions for people who wanted to make their cars work better, be faster, and look cooler. The trend continues today and American Powertrain proves it with their latest product. This is the White Lightning Street Rod Edition Shifter for Tremec T5 transmissions. The genius of this thing is that it is a big time solution for people who are building a street rod, hot rod, or pre-1955 car with a bench seat in it and want to use a T5 transmission.

The ever present nature of the T5 means that they can still be found easily at junkyards and on Ebay, Craigslist, at swap meets, etc. They are a great option for a build with light weight and mild power but there’s one major drawback. The stock shifter position is horrid and the only real way to fix it is to blow the ting apart and swap the S-10 tail housing onto their Mustang or Camaro unit. This shifter allows the transmission to be installed unaltered and the shifter in the right place to be used in pretty much any street rod or classic car swap you can think of.

Solutions, people and this is one for sure. We’re betting that there are multiple people reading this story right now who can make use of this shifter. Additionally, the American Powertrain White Lightning shifters are some of the most raved about products we have ever heard people talk about. Combine this with the fact that it’ll save you a bunch of time and money and this thing is a real winner.

White Lightning Street Rod Edition Shifter for TREMEC T5

(Cookeville, TN)  American Powertrain introduces its new White Lightning Street Rod Edition shifter for TREMEC T5 transmissions.   Most rodders using a Mustang or Camaro T5 5-speed are faced with the complexity and expense of swapping an S-10 T-5 tail housing onto their transmission to achieve an appropriate shift position and move the shifter out from under the seats.  The new White Lightning Street Rod edition is a bolt-on all billet shifter that installs in minutes and moves the shift position forward up to 7” for bench seat clearance and proper fitment in street rods and pre-’55 era classics.

The White Lightning Street Rod Edition shifter features an internal rail design with a  1:1 ratio for natural feeling shifts and adjustable spring bias centering for quick, sure 2-3 up-shifts and 5-4 downshifts.  All American Powertrain shifters feature a patent pending Revolution offset that adjusts to all eight points of the compass and is available in four different lengths giving the user over 60 available shift positions, perfect for custom tunnels and consoles.

The White Lightning Street Rod edition shifters for Mustang and  Camaro T5 start at $399.00 and are covered by American Powertrain’s 2-year unlimited mile warranty.


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3 thoughts on “American Powertrain Releases White Lightning Street Rod Edition Shifter For Tremec T5

  1. Car Crazy Tim

    A) Too much $
    B) Too tall
    C) Too far back still
    D) Looks like crap
    E) S10 tail housing is still the way to go.

  2. Gregg G

    C – the shifter does not bring it far enough forward. I would like to use it in a 1950 Ford Business coupe with a bench seat. It would need to come real close to an s10 position. I would also use it for other projects if it was that far forward. Not sure why you would develop a great idea yet come up a little short.

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