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Great News: AutoMeter DashLink System For Apple iOS Has Been Released!

Great News: AutoMeter DashLink System For Apple iOS Has Been Released!

Great news iOS users, you can now have the power of the AutoMeter DashLink System! If you are unfamiliar with DashLink just think of it in these terms. For $150 you can have the full data logging and information access that your OBDII equipped car can provide. You can monitor engine functions you can look at hard accelerations, you can monitor fuel mileage, see how many hours of idle time your engine has seen, check the g-meter, track lap times and a whole lot more.

Yes, we did say $150. That gets your the module and the app for your photo which converts it into the data capturing little bad ass that you have always wanted it to be. There is no wiring, there is no cutting, splicing, or complicated install. You simply plug in the module, configure the app in your photo or on your iOS device and let ‘er rip. It is that easy…we’re not kidding.

Here’s the full story from AutoMeter –

AutoMeter DashLink System For Apple iOS

The award winning DashLink app is a plug-n-play, virtual dashboard display system for your vehicle that’s easy to install and fun to use on most 1996 and newer OBDII compliant vehicles. It enables you to capitalize on AutoMeter’s years of instrumentation and data acquisition expertise so you are in control and in-the-know about what is going on with your vehicle.  It turns your Apple iOS device into an advanced display and monitoring system. From monitoring vehicle and engine performance, to tracking fuel economy levels, reading and clearing vehicle trouble codes, to managing check engine lights, the AutoMeter DashLink puts you in control.

Data log what your vehicle is doing, determine: 0-60, ¼ mile, horsepower, and braking performance. Map where you vehicle has been, how it performed, and how many G’s you experienced with real time track mapping. Monitor your fuel economy/MPG, see how long your vehicle has idled, how many aggressive accelerations or braking events have occurred, and how your vehicle was driven. Instantly read, diagnose and clear engine codes and clear troublesome Check Engine lights, all with the easy to use plug-n-play functionality of the DashLink system. The DashLink system comes with the OBDII module ready to work out of the box along with a quick start guide for operation. Download the DashLink App on the iOS App Store. Available now for under $150. For more information on DashLink, visit us at AutoMeter.com 
AutoMeter DashLink OBDII Gauge System
Video – Watch AutoMeter’s DashLink System In Action!

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