FAST Releases XFI 2.0/XIM Super Cobra Jet Engine Harness – Choice Of Many Winners!

FAST Releases XFI 2.0/XIM Super Cobra Jet Engine Harness – Choice Of Many Winners!

One of the things that most people do no realize is the fact that when you see a Mustang Cobra Jet, Drag Pack Challenger, or COPO Camaro at the strip, there’s a better than average chance that the car is significantly different than it was when it left the manufacturer. Upgrades to the roll cage and chassis, drivetrain, and even the electrical systems of the cars are commonplace. These upgrades are all made within the rules but they are why cars like Kevin Skinner’s Cobra Jet can run in the 8.30s at over 160 mph!

Following their tradition of offering innovative solutions to problems faced by races and hot rodders alike, FAST has introduced a new wiring harness for Mustang Cobra Jet racers that allows them more freedom in ECU mounting, saves them dozens of hours in factory harness modification time, and it built to survive the most brutal conditions out there.

If you are a Cobra Jet racer why don’t you have one of these yet!?

FAST® XFI 2.0™ / XIM™ Super Cobra Jet Engine Harness Is Perfect For High-Level Drag Racing

Memphis, TN – A new high-quality wiring harness from FAST® is designed specifically for the needs of Ford Super Cobra Jet Drag Race Cars utilizing a FAST® XFI 2.0™ electronic fuel injection system and XIM™ ignition module.

This comprehensive, custom-fit engine wiring harness is designed to integrate with the factory vehicle harness, switch panel and other components of Cobra Jet engines. It is the same system used by top NHRA and NMCA Stock Eliminator and Super Stock racers such as Jeff Harrington, Anthony Bongiovanni, Gary Richard, Jeff Roell, P.B. Candies, Randy Eakins, Roy Hill, Don Bowles, Susan McClenaghan and Chuck Watson. The wiring harness offers several mounting options for the ECU and ignition module. It also features heavy-duty heat and abrasion-resistant sheathing with heat-shrink-sealed ends on the underhood portion. There is double EMI shielding on critical harness leads, plus durable braided nylon sheathing on the under-dash portion of the harness. It is compatible with Ford’s 5.4 Modular and 5.0 Coyote engines, either naturally aspirated or supercharged.

The harness includes a detailed vehicle-specific installation guide for integrating the engine harness to the factory switch panel, factory Launch Control/2-Step function and factory gauges. This allows for simple data-logging of factory-installed sensors like fuel pressure, oil pressure and brake pressure into the XFI 2.0™ ECU.  No cutting or trimming is required if the FAST® XFI 2.0™ / XIM™ Super Cobra Jet Engine Harness is installed as directed. This saves 30-40 hours of harness building labor and results in a neat, factory-appearing installation. Every harness is also 100-percent tested.


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