Good News! RideTech C10 SteetGRIP Now Shipping – Order Yours Today!

Good News! RideTech C10 SteetGRIP Now Shipping – Order Yours Today!

Well the day has arrived that classic C10 truck fans have been waiting for. RideTech is now shipping their StreetGRIP package for those trucks out the door so now is the time to get your hot little hands on a kit an completely transform the look of your truck while improving the handling by about a billion percent (give or take a few percent).

The mix of using many of the factory components combined with some expertly engineered pieces from RideTech delivers a fun driving experience that you’ll love. We have experienced it ourselves first hand and there’s nothing more fun than driving a car one day and then driving it the next only to have found vast improvements in virtually every aspect of operation.

We’d say more but we do not have to. Check out the information below!

Check out the full release below the photo!


StreetGRIP for C10 Now Shipping!!!

C10 owners typically have to track down suspension components from several different sources, encounter a wide variety of delivery and quality issues…and HOPE that they have selected compatible components.  Not anymore…the new C10 StreetGRIP system offers an awesome ride, great handling, and easy installation in ONE BOX!

  • INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE Delrin Bushings for your OEM control arms to eliminate metal-to-metal OEM bushings or worn OEM rubber bushings to provide years of quiet friction-free service.
  • INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE Boxed Bolt-In C-Notch that can be installed INSIDE the framerail without bed removal or modification.
  • Full-length Panhard bar with relocated mount to correct the position of the Panhard bar at your new lowered ride height.
  • INDUSTRY EXCLUSIVE Dual-Rate Coilsprings that provide both a superior ride quality AND handling while retaining OEM hauling capacity.
  • RideTech HQ Series Adjustable Shocks with new mounts to provide the finest in ride quality and handling in the world…AND a 1,000,001-mile shock warranty!
  • 1.250″ Front Swaybar with Delrin Bushings provides superior handling AND superior ride quality.
  • 2.5″ Drop Spindles eliminate bumpsteer and improve suspension geometry.
  • Heavy Duty trailing arm blocks, U-bolts, and hardware to replace your worn OEM pieces
  • Durable, attractive powdercoating…no rusted parts on your nice truck!


Lowers truck to 26.5″ front fender height and 27″ rear fender height with a 18″ tire.  This is approximately equivalent to a 4.5″/6.5″ drop.  (Specs available HERE)

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4 thoughts on “Good News! RideTech C10 SteetGRIP Now Shipping – Order Yours Today!

  1. 3rd Generation

    As I have commented before, – Gee only THREE GRAND. I hope they don’t go to backorder.

    Maybe you should get 2 sets of 3 grand each for that $ 700 pickup of yours.

    1. Jim

      Surprised Brian would post a second ADVERTISMENT for the same thing after the first one was soundly trashed.

  2. Stich626

    I’d love one , but 3k is way to much.
    drop springs 99.99 a set = 199.98
    c notch 139.99 (169.99 if the thicker for towing type)
    shocks and relocators 500.oo
    drop spindles 159.oo (ebay)
    sway bar that doesn’t work as good as a junkyard iroz z rear bar.. 199.00 (iroc bar 30 bucks with all brackets and bushings)
    new a arm shafts, questionable if needed 160.oo
    bushings c-note
    adjustable track bar 129.99
    1587.97 total.. call it 1600.oo
    remove the un needed a arm shafts 1297.97
    remove the rear sway bar and go junkyard crawl 1128.97
    c notch brackets not needed till well past 4″ rear drop.
    3k.. I don’t think the adjustable shocks bring enough to the table here to warrant that price..
    as I don’t see the long arm lowered crossmember/mount with multi hole arm mount to adjust pinion angle.
    don’t see the new u bolts to use with the lowering blocks.. or any angled shims to fix the pinion angle.. not that you’ll get the exhaust past the stock long arm mount crossmember, or the driveshaft..
    I’ll stop there..
    so 3k for a kit that is not complete and will need another 500.00 + to get under the truck..
    If the lowering blocks are 2″ the u bolt nut and stud even when cut is below the scrub line of the 15″ rim so you now need bigger wheels..
    I have 2″ blocks on mine and the nut is below the rim lip..

    I’m sure this post will be pulled, instead of Brian going to the vendor with these concerns..
    3k might be a ok price point if it gave you everything needed..
    the lack of the long arm crossmember and multi point mount or at least shims to fix the pinion angle is a big problem, As it makes me a c-10 owner looking to lower his truck ,just how much engineering went into this..

    Edit this doesn’t even come with a rear bar.. that is a front bar..
    My j/y crawl front bar from a mid 80’s 1 ton was 25 bucks.. with brackets.. bushings 30.00

  3. Stich626

    oh, the u bolts are part of the kit.. cook..
    oh wait. still no long arm crossmember to fix the driveshaft hitting the stocker, the long arms angle after a drop.. and/or pinion angle.
    and no exhaust past the stocker without cutting and welding the stocker..
    no pinion shims.. to put between the long arm and axle pad..
    Do the instructions even tell the installer, or person looking at this that after the drop the driveshaft is most likely to long and needs to be shortened?

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