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Dart’s New Horsepower in a Box almost makes going fast too easy

Dart’s New Horsepower in a Box almost makes going fast too easy

Dart Machinery, the horsepower brain-child of Dick Maskin, continues to impress us by supporting not only the professional and sportsman racers, but also the hot rod and muscle car enthusiast. With recent product development, including SHP blocks for small-block Ford and Chevy enthusiasts, it’s no surprise that Dart would come out with another home run for hot rod, muscle car, and street strip enthusiasts. Horsepower in a Box takes Darts’ already impressive Top End Kits to a whole new level thanks to the addition of a Comp Cams camshaft, lifters, and timing set.

Darts’ Top End Kits have always come with your choice of fully assembled cylinder heads, valve covers, intake manifold, head/intake/exhaust gaskets, spark plugs, and ARP fasteners. The new Horsepower in a Box kits take the guesswork out of choosing a camshaft that will make the power you are looking for. It’s almost too easy. Now you’ll be able to choose a package based on the displacement of your particular engine and your power goals. Want 550 horsepower from 383 inches? Or 700 from you 454? Dart has the package for you. Each Horsepower in a Box kit will come with all the components found in a standard Top End Kit, but will also include a Comp Cams flat tappet or roller lifter camshaft along with lifters and a timing set. Enthusiasts will have the choice of iron or aluminum heads but at a much more affordable price thanks to the complete package.

And for those of you who were worried after reading our report on the last Big-Block Chevrolet to come off the assembly line, Dart brings us new Gen IV, Gen V, and 8.1 style blocks. Designed to give users a choice of Siamese or standard bores, one or two piece rear seals, and features to accommodate a much wider range of Big Block applications. These are new castings and are appropriate anywhere you would use an original GM block. Dart hasn’t yet labeled them SHP, and maybe they won’t, but we can’t help but see some similarity between this new big-block castings’ features and those of the SHP small-blocks.

For more information on these  and other new offerings from Dart, like their 9-degree cylinder heads for small-block Chevys, visit www.dartheads.com

Dart Horsepower in a Box

Dart’s new Horsepower in a Box.

New Dart Big Block Chevy CastingThe new Gen IV, V, and 8.1 Style blocks from Dart.

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