Mickey Thompson Set To Release New Deegan 38 All-Terrain Tire – Great For Towing And Wheeling

Mickey Thompson Set To Release New Deegan 38 All-Terrain Tire – Great For Towing And Wheeling

In today’s world, the all-terrain light truck tire is the workhorse of any tire company’s product range. Mickey Thompson had a solid lineup of truck tires already but things are going to get a lot more interesting for the brand with the introduction of the Deegan 38 A/T which will put them in the biggest space the truck tire market has to offer.

Working with Brian Deegan on the design this is the best all-terrain tire that the company has ever offered. It will do all the work that truck owners want to accomplish during the week and will be a great tire for them off road when they want to use their trucks for fun on the weekend. The best part? How about a 55,000 mile tread wear warranty?!

The tires will be hitting the market soon and will be offered in 29 sizes on wheels ranging from 15  to 20-inches.

 Here’s the full release from Mickey Thompson –


Stow, Ohio – Mickey Thompson will soon expand the popular Deegan 38 product line with the addition of the new Deegan 38 A/T all-terrain tire line. Scheduled for availability the first quarter of 2017, the Deegan 38 A/T will debut in 29 popular 15- to 20-inch sizes for light truck, SUV and 4×4, including LT metric sizes with increased towing capacity.

Developed with racing icon Brian Deegan, the Deegan 38 A/T is the ultimate all-terrain tire featuring aggressive style and responsive handling.

“The Deegan 38 A/T is the perfect addition to the Deegan 38 lineup,” said Ken Warner, Vice President of Marketing for Mickey Thompson. “From the tread compound to the SideBiter® design, we’ve given attention to every detail to make this one of the most impressive all-terrain tires we offer.”

The tread design of the Deegan 38 A/T features a silica-reinforced compound and special siping for great traction, superior cut and chip resistance, and excellent handling and braking in wet and off-road conditions. Special tread edge chamfers and variable draft angles resist stone retention. Tread element tie bars enhance stability and responsive handling on changing road conditions. Angled shoulder scallops and aggressive two-pitch SideBiter’s enhance traction.

The new Deegan 38 A/T line will include Mickey Thompson’s 55,000-mile Limited Tread Wear Warranty.


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4 thoughts on “Mickey Thompson Set To Release New Deegan 38 All-Terrain Tire – Great For Towing And Wheeling

  1. Brady

    I have a set of these in a 31×10.50 on my ’98 Jeep (not the A/T, but in a mud terrain) and I absolutely love this tire. For a daily driver this looks like an even better option.

  2. Brendan M

    Are they made in the USA?
    Normally I buy Yokohama Geolanders for my truck (a great all season tire) and despite the Asian name brand, they are made here.

  3. Gump

    As a long time supporter of the MT brand, I can respectfully say they screwed up redesigning the ATZ. The old ones were best best looking AT tire there ever was. Looked like their MTZ with tight spacing. Now its all Cooper styled blocky and boring. These tires are probably competitive with Toyo, Nitto, etc… all terrains, but they aren\’t unique looking like you\’d expect from the company who produces the Baja Claw.

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