Need A Hardcore Oil Pan For Your Ford? Weiand Has New Offerings You Should Check Out

Need A Hardcore Oil Pan For Your Ford? Weiand Has New Offerings You Should Check Out

If you are working on a 351 Cleveland, 400M, 315M, or 351 Windsor engine these days and you need an oil pan, Holley could be the place you need to shop, especially if said engine is going into a Fox Mustang. These high quality, high volume pans can be had as just a pan or in a kit with an oil pump, a pickup, and all of the hardware you need to complete o revitalize your oiling system. Designed for racing and harder applications, they shine on the drag strip where the design has really been optimized for maximum oil control.

Oil pans are one of those items that people think of as a simple and passive device. Those thoughts are wrong because an oil pan is an integral part of your engine that can either help you to make or lose power. Oil control is an oft overlooked part of the horsepower equation. Choose the right man and the engine is going to work to its best potential. Chose the wrong one and you’ll see horsepower loses as the crank chucks the sauce all over the place. Worst of all if the pan is not up to snuff for oil control you can lose an engine due to starvation or other issues.

Check out this information from Holley!

Holley Releases All-New Weiand Fabricated Oil Pans For Fords


Holley Performance Products is pleased to announce the release of all-new Weiand fabricated oil pan kits for Ford engines, including one for the popular 351C/351M/400M platform. There’s also a huge new seven-quart pan to make it easier for Fox body Mustangs to accommodate a 351 Windsor powerplant.
Engineered and developed for racing in general and drag racing in particular, these aren’t just oil pans – they’re complete kits that include the application-specific fabricated pan itself, a high-volume oil pump, a pickup, a three-piece gasket set, easy-to-understand instructions, and all the fasteners you’ll need for a fast, hassle-free installation.

Available in your choice of a black-painted or gold iridite-coated finish, they feature trap-door baffles to keep the oil where it belongs under acceleration and increased capacity to keep the oil systems in high-performance applications adequately fed.

For detailed product information on the complete Weiand fabricated oil pan line, click here.

Attachments (click images to download)
                        351 Windsor (black-painted)                                       351 Windsor (gold iridite)


         351 Windsor for 1979-93 Mustang (gold iridite)       351 Windsor for 1979-93 Mustang (black-painted)                    

     5.0L Ford for 1979-93 Mustang (black-painted)            5.0L Ford for 1979-93 Mustang (gold iridite)  

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