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New Competition Series Instruments from Auto Meter

New Competition Series Instruments from Auto Meter

Remember when shift lights were a big deal? It was a major advancement and we wondered how things could get any better in the world of instrumentation and gauges for our junk.

Over time, of course, it’s gotten way better and the new line of Competition Series gauges from Auto Meter seem to represent the top echelon in monitoring devices.

Auto Meter worked with NASCAR teams to develop the instruments to be the most refined, user friendly, accurate pieces on the market. They include some neat features such as one-touch Peak-Recall functionality, the ability to program activation points for stuff like fans and pumps, and a neat full-face red red warning mode when the poop is about to hit the fan.

These babies are more like mini-computers than gauges. We hope the next generation will talk…or in our case maybe not.

“Freiburger, the gas tank has been leaking for weeks, please fix me.”

Here’s the word from Auto Meter:

Auto Meter is proud to introduce the release of its award winning Competition Series gauges, the next generation of NASCAR instrumentation.

Developed in conjunction with top NASCAR teams, Competition Series gauges incorporate significant advancements in precision, visibility, and functionality. These black faced instruments feature an expanded viewable area while still maintaining a compact 2 1/16” size.  

Powered by advanced circuit designs for improved electrical noise resistance and precision, Competition Series gauges feature solid state, data acquisition grade sending units, digital stepper motor movements, and bright white “ALWAYS-ON” HiDef LED through the dial illumination.

Enhanced with Pro-Control functionality, these instruments allow drivers to focus on the competition while the gauges control key vehicle systems and alert the driver to warning conditions. Set custom alert points specific to their vehicle and receive Full Dial Red Warning Notification to highlight the need for driver attention.

Acquire data for later review with one touch Peak Recall functionality. The Competition Series allows teams to streamline their setup with built-in Pro-Control circuits and custom programmable activation and deactivation points for key functions like lights, fans, switches, and pumps. Auto Meter Competition Series gauges are now available to monitor the most popular vehicle parameters, visit www.autometer.com to find your application

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