New Product! RideTech Introduces Corvette C2/C3 Steering Box Reinforcement – Big Tires? Big Strain? No Problem!

New Product! RideTech Introduces Corvette C2/C3 Steering Box Reinforcement – Big Tires? Big Strain? No Problem!

If you have a C2 or C3 Corvette and you are running an upgraded suspension, bigger front tires, and using it for aggressive events like track days and autocrosses you are likely experiencing some frame distortion in the area of the steering box at the front of the car. This is an issue that people have known about for years but RideTech has just stepped up to fix it with the introduction of their  C2/C3 steering box reinforcement. This bolt on, thick gauge steel piece provides another angle of support for the steering box with multiple pickup points so it is locked into place and you are getting only what you need from it, consistent steering inputs that are not diminished by a frame that is distorting.

1973 through 1983 Chevy trucks have a similar issue when people run larger tires but the reality is that the larger tires combined with the side loading in the autocross makes the Corvette issue more pressing for high performance drivers. If you are building a C2/C3 Corvette or already have, this reinforcement is a no brainer upgrade that installs in minutes and will provide you with a better, more predictable, and harder cornering car.

Here’s the official word from RideTech: 

The C2 and C3 Corvette’s are known to have flexing issue at the steering box when running a wider tire on the front. This was an issue that has needed to be addressed for years. During the 48 Hour Corvette build we built a prototype steering box brace as a bolt-on reinforcement. This bracket is designed to work with the Borgeson power steering box and will simply bolt on to your existing system in just minutes. The 48 Hour Corvette runs a 315-30-18 tire all the way around while seeing more abuse on the autocross and road course than any car should have to endure. The frame and box flex is now a thing of the past thanks to this bracket we are now offering to the public. Purchase yours today!


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4 thoughts on “New Product! RideTech Introduces Corvette C2/C3 Steering Box Reinforcement – Big Tires? Big Strain? No Problem!

  1. C2Owner

    My first thought is that impedes on the steering angle as 225mm tires already can contact the steering box bolts, which are carriage bolts from the factory and have more clearance than hex bolts. This moves those bolts outwards by 3/16″ or so, and uses hex bolts…that’s quite a bit of less clearance.

    Also my box (a Borgeson box, same in photo) flexes from left and right. A flat piece of plate isn’t going to help that much. It would if it was flexing up and down, but I know mine doesn’t flex that direction.

  2. bret voelkel

    If your 225 tire rubs on the steering box bolts, you may consider a different offset wheel with a bit less backspace. We have a 245-40/18 tire on a 18×7 with a 5.25 backspace on our 64 Corvette, and a 315-30/18 tire on an 18×10.5 wheels with a 5.5 backspace on our 72 Corvette…neither hits the steering box bolts.
    Also…there is gusseting on the inner side of that bracket that can’t be seen from this particular angle.

    1. C2Owner

      Hi Bret, I’m curious how you got a 7″ wide rim with 5.25″ backspace on there without any rubbing, especially on a 245mm tire. Mine is a ’64 as well, and my 7″ rim has 4.25″ backspace and it will rub the bolts by quite a bit. I could space the rim out another 1/8″ but any more than that it will rub the outer skin.

      Ryan, I do see the gusseting now on those photos but the tall vertical plane is still unsupported. Maybe consider putting a break on the front and rear sides of the bracket so you are no longer relying on the material’s thickness for bending strength? Then tie that into the angled plane that has the Ridetech logo.

  3. RideTech_Ryan

    I have posted some more pictures of our bracket on the original thread showing the reverse side of this bracket and also some installed photos. Also, if anyone has any questions please feel free to ask as I would be happy to help

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