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Trick Flow Specialties Brought A Massive Array Of New Products To SEMA! Tools, Heads, Cool Stuff!

Trick Flow Specialties Brought A Massive Array Of New Products To SEMA! Tools, Heads, Cool Stuff!

One of the hallmarks of any SEMA show is “new stuff”. We have showed you new parts ranging from dash pads to cylinder heads for diesel trucks at this point and we’re just getting started. The fine people at Trick Flow Specialties really stacked the deck this year with multiple new cylinder heads, some new tools, and even some sweet intake manifold action. Both Chad and I have visited the Trick Flow facilities and seen how Mike Downs and his team outside of Akron operate. Two words to describe it? High level. You don’t bring these types of products to market until they are ready and you best make sure when you are going to open the flood gates for sales that you have something to hand someone. This ain’t the floor mat business here. This is about horsepower and providing their customers with more of it.

Let’s check out the Trick Flow Specialties highlights from the 2015 SEMA show!


PowerPort 240 cylinder heads for Big Block Mopar –

This is a piece that Trick Flow pulled the wraps off of last year as they were finalizing development and it has been well received by the Mopar community. These heads are for the classic RB style engines and Trick Flow has you covered from soup to nuts on them. Valve covers, rockers, springs, the works. The heads have 240cc intake runners, 78cc combustion chambers, stainless steel valves, and on a pretty mild engine they supported 620hp in a reasonable RPM range, topping out at 6,000 RPM. These heads are designed for real world usable power.

Trick Flow cylinder heads Mopar1 Trick Flow cylinder heads Mopar2 Trick Flow cylinder heads Mopar3  Trick Flow cylinder heads Mopar5 Trick Flow cylinder heads Mopar6

Head bolts/studs, cams, head gaskets lifters, and valve covers – 

One of the coolest things about the Trick Flow Specialties system is that they do not stop and do things halfway. If they were going to do heads, they then offer everything you could possibly want to get your engine package optimized. Rather than just sell you heads and hope you do the rest right, you have the ability to buy the whole package from them. Head bolts to studs, valve covers, even a matched camshaft. That seems like the smart way to go for the average guy wrenching at home, right? It does not stop with he stuff above the heads either. You can get MLS Trick Flow head gasket s, the correct Tick Flow lifters etc. See the photos below for what we’re talking about.



Trick Flow cylinder heads Mopar7 Trick Flow cylinder heads Mopar8

Track Heat big block Mopar single plane intake –

Nothing says racy like a single plane intake manifold and nothing says big airflow like one of them as well. Trick Flow’s track heat unit for big block Chryslers is designed to give you all the benefits of that single plane, top end killer power but without really hurting you in other parts of the power band as well. Again, see the dyno graph above.



Trick Flow cylinder heads Mopar9

Aluminum heads for 1949-1953 Ford flatheads! 

You read that right, Trick Flow has come out with new heads for the venerable Ford flathead! They have done some work in the water jacket area to help with the classic engine’s biggest achilles heel, heat. The guys said that they worked hard on the breathing side as well. It is an incredible testament to the longevity and appeal of that little engine that even today more than a half century since it went out of production, people are still making new parts for it. Note the cool T F S block lettered logo in the head. The company went that way for a more nostalgic look.




Trick Flow cylinder heads Mopar10 Trick Flow cylinder heads Mopar11

New Engine oiling system priming tool and LS Flywheel holding tool –

The company isn’t just into making parts they are also into making tools and coming up with cool solutions to issues that engine builders can have. The engine priming tool you see below is pretty spectacular. It is essentially an oil pump with a handle and the reason this is cool is because many new cars have oil pumps driven by the crank and if you want to start your new engine with oil already in the place that it should, that crank driven design can be a hassle. With this baby you simple connect your lines, attach a drill to the slotted driveshaft, and you’ve got a happy engine. Very slick!

The LS Flywheel holding tool takes the hassle out of torquing the balancer bolt down by keeping the flywheel firmly held in place with a pair of teeth.


Trick Flow cylinder heads Mopar13 Trick Flow cylinder heads Mopar14 Trick Flow cylinder heads Mopar15 Trick Flow cylinder heads Mopar16 Trick Flow cylinder heads Mopar17

PowerPort Big Block Mopar heads with CNC ports and matched intake –

Last but not least, when you really want to get serious with your Mopar heads, the guys at Trick Flow are in the final stages of testing and proving out a CNC ported version of the PowerPort. These will make more power and they’ll have an intake matched for them as well. For the racers and the hardcore street machine freaks these heads are going to be exciting to see on the track and on the dyno.



Trick Flow cylinder heads Mopar18 Trick Flow cylinder heads Mopar19 Trick Flow cylinder heads Mopar20 Trick Flow cylinder heads Mopar21 Trick Flow cylinder heads Mopar22

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