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Trick New In-Tank Fuel System from Aeromotive

Trick New In-Tank Fuel System from Aeromotive

We’re not sure but we don’t think that Steve Matusek and the staff at Aeromotive sleep much. It seems every time we turn around those guys are announcing innovative new products. Well, here they go again.

The new line of Stealth Fuel Systems from Aeromotive raises the bar for in-tank performance setups. Forget bolting a bulky fuel cell in your trunk and mounting a fuel pump somewhere, now you can have all that performance while maintaining your stock tank (with some modifications of course!).

This is a substantially updated version of the weld-in sump kit that Aeromotive offers and by specifying the proper equipment the system can support up to 2,300 hp.

One of the best features of this system is the ability for the user to access the filter and clean it without having to drop the tank. It is retained with a simple cam-lock retainer and can be easily accessed from under the car. Not to mention the added protection the fuel pump gets from heat and potential road debris.

Continue on to see the complete release from Aeromotive:

Aeromotive is proud to release the new line of AEROMOTIVE STEALTH FUEL SYSTEMS (ASFS). Raising the standard for high performance fuel delivery on the street and at the track, the new Stealth Fuel Systems take performance fuel delivery to the next level by offering one part number that provides an “In-Tank” high performance fuel system. The new baffled Stealth Sump Kit and the Mustang Stealth Tank feature one of Aeromotive’s state-of-the-art in-line fuel pumps and the pre-pump filter built right into the sump box.

An evolution of the popular Aeromotive baffled, weld-in sump (P/N 18650), the new Aeromotive Stealth Fuel Systems (ASFS) feature the same leading-edge sump design, only the new Stealth Sump is delivered with one of our in-line, high flow, billet fuel pumps (choose from the A1000 or Eliminator) and 100-micron Stainless Steel Filters, pre-installed inside the sump box. Beyond the obvious performance and cosmetic advantages, the new Stealth sump features ultimate ease of service with a cam lock design filter cover that allows for service and cleaning of the filter without dropping or draining the tank!

The new Stealth Fuel Systems are capable supporting up to 2300 HP naturally aspirated in carbureted applications and 1900 HP fuel injected. In addition, these systems are engineered to protect your billet pump and fuel filter from external heat and debris, provide ease of service and minimize hot fuel handling issues while dramatically reducing audible fuel pump noise. Simply stated, Aeromotive’s new Stealth Sump box and complete Stealth Fuel Systems redefine “bolt-on” fuel delivery.

 Aeromotive Stealth Fuel Systems will be offered as part of 7 new kits. (see attached sheet for Part Numbers and descriptions) Universal Stealth Kits featuring the A1000 or Eliminator Sump for almost any fuel tank. And for the Mustang; the same A1000 or Eliminator system is available pre-welded into our Fox Body Mustang Fuel Tank. Also, complete Stealth Fuel Systems are available featuring the Mustang Stealth Sumped Tank and everything needed for a complete system installation.

For more information, visit www.aeromotiveinc.com.

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