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BangShift Project Files: Carving Up A Bondo Buggy In The Driveway

BangShift Project Files: Carving Up A Bondo Buggy In The Driveway

Joe Haber’s 1966 Plymouth Sport Fury has been a love/hate kind of car. When the 383-powered Plymouth is running right and nothing is catching fire or falling off, life is good. The bad side is the bad joke that the seller of the car pulled on Haber when he bought it years ago: this poor Plymouth was in a bad way, with many body panels composed of everybody’s favorite body filler product, and done half-assed, at that. While finding rust in a mid-1960s Mopar isn’t unheard of, finding acres of it in a C-body to most people is the kind of thing that induces short-term Tourette’s Syndrome, followed by spikes of anger, followed by sadness as the owner looks longingly at their wallet. Patching metal in large sections isn’t easy, but Haber has already been around the block with this Fury, so what would a little bit of cut-and-paste really be in the end?

tetanus2 tetanus3 tetanus4I’m pretty sure that the only solace I can offer him would be something strong to drink and the fact that my first car was worse off than this Plymouth is. I’m also sure that since I’m not spinning wrenches on the Fury, that my opinion is kind of moot and that until I make my way back to Arizona and lend a helping hand, that my opinion will remain mine until it is asked for. But if you have opinions on the Fury’s newfound surgery, wish to offer support or comfort, or just want to watch as the Plymouth becomes less of a Bondo buggy and more of a real car, check out the project thread below.

BangShift Project Files: Project Tetanus


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4 thoughts on “BangShift Project Files: Carving Up A Bondo Buggy In The Driveway

  1. DanStokes

    Super KUDOs to Joe for taking this on. For some reason a lot of folks are scared off by body work but it’s the difference between an old POS and neat old car. If I can do it ANTONE can do it but you need cojones to cut into an otherwise OK car – that or a total lack of common sense.

    Watching carefully!


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