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BangShift Project Spotlight: A Serious V6 Firebird Build

BangShift Project Spotlight: A Serious V6 Firebird Build

The mere mention of a 2000 Pontiac Firebird conjures immediate thoughts of LS-series engines. In the case of BangShift member WarShrike, it doesn’t. Instead of going down the well worn path of V8 performance for his particular Pontiac, he stuck with the factory 3.8L V6. This is the most comprehensive build we have ever seen on one of these engines. Too many people forget that the V6 cars of that era were certainly no slouches. With less weight in the nose and a motor set farther back in the chassis, they handled pretty well too. 

In his build thread WarShrike does an awesome job of documenting the whole process of building the motor in the car, which actually began innocently enough with the installation of headers and some other bolt on parts. Swapping the headers led to finding a coolant leak which then led to a cam swap and eventually the heads came off and out came the engine and transmission.

We’ll admit to having never even seen one of these engines out of a car before, so seeing one torn down to the block and stuck back together with the best parts the limited aftermarket has to offer is pretty neat. The fact that WarShrike is handling it all in one bay of his two bay home garage makes it all the sweeter for us. He’s hoping for 13-second time slips when the car is totally sorted out, and that is naturally aspirated. 

As for BangShifty dedication? The dude had to ride his bike around for the months that the car was apart because the Pontiac is his daily driver. That’s hard core kiddos! Hit the link below to see a truly unique build, done the way the owner wanted to do it, those other two cylinders be damned! 

Project Link: WarShrike’s 2000 Pontiac Firebird V6 Build

Hot Rodded 3.8 V6 

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