Cool Project: How to Build a Modern AMX in Your Home Garage

Cool Project: How to Build a Modern AMX in Your Home Garage

While wrenching on Goliath recently, a dude pulled up in a minto Lucerne blue Trans-Am and asked if we had any trim pieces on the Javelin in our backyard. We invited him back to take a look, but that car is more stripped than than a chicken carcass. He told us about a bitchin’ project he was wrenching on in his home shop. When he said that he was grafting a wrecked late model GTO chassis into a vintage AMX body we stopped in our tracks.

He invited us over to check it out and we did. Holy cow is this thing cool! After lopping 13 inches out of the middle of the Goat floor pan to shorten it up and three inches out of the center to narrow it, the damned thing fits like it is supposed to be there!

This is a heck of a project to be taking on a home, but Scott is really making it happen. The photos you’ll see in the small gallery represent his results after four months of work. He’s getting ready to blow it all apart for finish grinding of the welds and paint work.

Ultimately, the car will wear the GTO interior, which will look very cool. Oh yeah, it will flat haul ass with LS2 power up front. It’ll stay stock to start and then the horsepower screws will be turned up.

Hit the link below to see one guy creating a car that’ll piss off Poncho and AMC purists to no end, but one that we totally love for the sheer ballsy nature of the project.

Makes us think we should be doing those floors in our own Goliath ourselves!

Project Gallery: Building a late model AMX at home! 

UPDATE (12/6/2010) — Scott dropped us a line and asked if we wanted to check the car out again because it was getting close to heading for the paint shop. We dropped by the house and documented the progress in the gallery below. He’s got all the big time welding stuff done and is working on some body related junk now. That’s the little stuff like rust repair and smoothing out some rough spots. The heavy lifting of mating the body and chassis has been completed and the car will be off to the body men in the next week or two. Scott was also talking about a MagnaCharger for his LS2 powerplant. We think it’ll haul ass as a stocker. That blower will make it a real mind bender! Hit the link below to see his progress and how one goes about mating two different animals together!

Project Update Gallery (12/6/2010) — 

LS2 powered AMX

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