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Insane Project Introduction: The Chicken Coupe – The Yin To Buford T Justice’s Yang

Insane Project Introduction: The Chicken Coupe – The Yin To Buford T Justice’s Yang

(Words and Photos by Matt Graves and Jon Clark) – (Editor’s Note – We got some flack when we decided to call our Caprice “Buford T Justice” because Buford drove Pontiacs in the movies. We had an ace in the hole as you’ll find out when you read this piece. When both Buford and the Chicken Coupe are done, we’re going to have a death match of the hard handling, muscled up b-bodies to see who reigns supreme!)

Before you go,  WHAT THE HELL?

When Jon, Chad , myself and Brian get together things happen. Not necessarily good things but we get stupid ideas going or we tell a lot of mom jokes to each other. But our ideas play off each other so well that we go beyond most mortal beings sensibilities. When I told the “team” my idea for a car build they instantly started adding their input. So this car is the result of the Bangshift “Brain Trust”. What would the Bandit drive if he was retired in real life? A Caddy of course. Would this be the car if there was a Smokey and the Bandit 7? How do you make a 1982 Caddy look cool?  That was the big debate. I figured it was actually easy. You take the styling of one of the most iconic vehicles of all time (Bandit T/A). Then attempt to stretch it over the fat ass of a B-body ‘80s Luxoboat. Can you make just about any vehicle easier to digest by doing this? Is this very aspect of this project up for debate? Maybe, but who cares.

Pro-Touring is awesome. Who does not want a Pro-Touring G-machine?? Take a highly desirable Camaro (or some other great muscle car) update it with all the go fast high tech parts. These cars go from lousy handling pigs to high G, high speed machines. With the advent of the LS engine and all the insane suspension technology, Pro-Touring cars are mixing it up with the best in world. Thinking along this line, I had to ask myself would this work on a 1982 Caddy? Can you take all these parts and stick them on a pimp car and get some results?

This is about stupidity and maybe a quest to start a new movement. The movement the everyday Joe really wants. Not these glamorous G-Machine queens that are $120K builds and are uncomfortable to drive on long trips. We idiots are going to take a $700 Caddy and make it cool, handle, run hard and ride smooth. It will have a trunk you can actually use even with a stereo and oversize gas tank, without having to get a house loan to finance it. What movement is this you speak of? Pro-Luxury my friend or Pro-Lux for short.

The Chicken Coupe was found in a barn in TN. It will be built in basically one level up from a barn, my own shop out in the country. I will be documenting the full build. There will be some stupid videos of me, Chad, Brian and Jon at some point doing stupid things with this car. And let’s not forget the Elephant in the room.- Brian’s own Project Buford T Justice. We are planning a B-Body vs B-body grudge match.  Big Block vs LS!

We spewed this idea to some of the Bangshift family of sponsors and to our shock they are behind us or just really confused. Ridetech is going to help get a suspension system sorted out. In fact Bret’s own words are “you guys are f&*king crazy….Ok I am in. We’ll throw everything we got at it until it works”.  Holley is going to help us with our LS engine install with their new Avenger HP EFI, intake, throttle body and a few other bits I will show off later on. We knew Bill Tichenor at Holley was just as crazy as we are and he is. American Powertrain will be throwing in a 6-speed Magnum and all their transmission install parts. Year One will helping out with their Bandit T/A parts and those very lovely Billet Snowflakes..We even got Mike Copeland at Lingenfelter to help with special parts I can’t discuss yet..Mike was actually one of the engineers back in the day at GM over the B-body platform. So I will have insider secrets.

There is a ton of work on this car that has to be done. Interior needs to be converted to black from GM sky blue. It needs big brakes, bumpers need to be shaved and moved in. Vinyl top needs to come off etc. Stay tuned to the updates. I will also be posting the build in the forum and updating it weekly. So you can be involved by yelling support or hate at us. Whichever you prefer.



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25 thoughts on “Insane Project Introduction: The Chicken Coupe – The Yin To Buford T Justice’s Yang

  1. Hotrodcharlie

    You could use this for some inspiration: http://www.ls1gto.com/forums/showthread.php?t=78288

    And way back in the late 80’s, there was an all black ’76-’78 coupe deville built along the same ideas by Lil John Buterra, Boyd, or California Street Rods. I tried to find pics, but had no luck.

    Cool project!

    Hopefully this will actually get driven and not trailered like most “pro-touring” cars. Some look nice, but make no sense.

  2. tigeraid

    Please don’t put a screaming chicken and Trans Am shaker on it. Please don’t.

    Otherwise, looks like a killer idea.

  3. Matt Smith

    Nice! It’s refreshing to see something different. I’ve always liked these, I had a 1980 with the emissions choked 368 4bbl.

    I’m hoping you stick with the original 4 headlight nose, I love the 1990-92 updated nose but it’s been done so many times it would be nice to see it stay this way.

    These were offered sans-vinyl top, so you should be able to leave the roof shaved and find some of the rear window trim pieces (to be painted or whatever).

    And these are a C-body, not a B-body, it’s a longer frame. 🙂

  4. Anthony

    I think Ive seen one of those without a top on it.You will never find the pieces. Those cars have great lines and the rendering is awseome ! Remember 5×5 bolt pattern on those too.New Caddys should look as good as the rendering. I like that cool band of fabric or canvas or whatever on the back of the roof on the rendering,breaks it up and it looks sharp. Ita much better to hook these up like this than turn them into those Donk things or demo cars.

  5. Scott Liggett

    Any dufus with a Camaro and a credit card can make it handle. Takes some ingenuity, skill, and crazyness to get a land yacht to turn.

    PS. Dad had a ’79 Fleetwood Brougham when I started driving with the 425. My first burnout was in that car .

    Be warned, those Caddys are extremely dangerous on road trips. You get in that big comfy seat, turn on the AC to your comfort temp, set the cruise control for your speed of choice, put on your favorites tunes; then sink in and cruise. Then fall asleep and drive off the road and die badly. Do yourself a favor, get crappy seats, and leave off the AC; you’ll live to your destination.

  6. Mike Mabry

    I will be following this closely. I have an 81 CDV witha 70 model 500 Caddy motor, but it will be really interesting to see what you can get it to do.

  7. MadMattGraves

    Chicken will be on the hood as well as shaker. Got to have it! The vinyl top staying on is a hotly debated topic. Lets discuss! Yes i have checked out Jeff Schwartz caddy. Its awesome.


    Pro-Lux, that might just be the name for the category that my Riviera fits into!

    Same basic idea just a lot heavier on the “Dare to be Different” and fabrication. I’m definately looking forward to seeing this move because mine definately isn’t right now!

  9. jack pine

    I must clarify something for the sake of history. Matt is guilty of a sin of OMISSION. Yes, he left out the part where he had to be LED INTO THIS GREATNESS by the BangShift Editorial Board and Me. He had a Caddy and didn’t want to do anything with it. There was some mental block he had to overcome. We were there, on the other side, ready to welcome Matt when he did, finally, decide to start on the journey. This story simply proves that Pro-Lux is not for pussies. Join us if you can.

  10. Willstoy

    I remember another project starting out along the same path and budget goal, minus the “lux” ! Can you say Flat Bastard? Have to say its growing on me the more I look at it though!

  11. Trauge May II

    I swear… it’s like people get inside my head, steal my ideas’ plus most people has the money to back there ideas!!! lol
    I had the same idea BUT never did I want to mix both cars I love.. Trans Am’s and Cadillac’s… But, I wanted to put something Ls-series, air-ride, driveable and out dated 84′ coupe deville and apply a modern aspect to it…
    I started the project but then traded it off…I miss you so betty white.

  12. Trauge May II

    BTW!!! good luck finding the back glass molding and back glass if you remove the vinyl top… I couldn’t..

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