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The Challenger Revival, Part 16: Finishing Up The Stance And Tending To Details

The Challenger Revival, Part 16: Finishing Up The Stance And Tending To Details

The devil is in the details, you were taught as a child. It was one thing to wash the car for attention, but did you just soap and water the car, or did you actually clean the wheels, scrub off the dead bugs, and hit the glass with some cleaner? You dressed up for a date, and that’s okay, but did you remember to pack a handkerchief in your breast pocket for her, or a second one inside of your jacket just in case? Did you take the time to get your suit pressed and done up right? Details, folks…that’s where the difference between “good” and “great” is made. She might be a knockout, but if she’s got a busted tooth that looks like she was on the wrong end of a knockout, you’ll see that first. If he’s great looking but nobody warned you that he sounded like a Tiny Toons character when he spoke, guess what will captivate your attention first. See what I mean?

Some might dismiss the tiny bits that Dylan McCool is putting on his Challenger project as small potatoes or worse, polishing a turd. After all, one of the biggest questions he gets asked about this car is, “When are you going to paint it?”, followed closely by, “When are you going to fix the door?” He’s got his reasons and he’ll address them here, but look at the details here. No more busted-ass side markers. That iconic flip-top fuel filler cap instead of the hole that just looked like it was ready to be closed off with a red rag. Matching Ansen wheels all the way round. The cutout valance and the bumperettes on the rear bumper. Tiny details that remove the E-body from it’s near death roots and bring it one step closer to good.

Now, with that said, may I be the first to start the chorus of the question that really needs to be asked: “When will you stuff the engine in here, Dylan?” We’re waiting!

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4 thoughts on “The Challenger Revival, Part 16: Finishing Up The Stance And Tending To Details

  1. Buzzkill

    I don’t find the wheels all that offensive, they do have a rather ol’school appeal and kinda matches the overall vibe of the car,
    but NOPE, just cant get past leaving an ugly ass gaping dent in the door. Just overshadows everything else that’s been done.

  2. C. L. Cake

    Back in the ’60s, I ran the Ansen Sprints. They’re “second day” correct, and will clean up just fine. This fellow reminds me of the scene in Christine where the garage owner remarks about new wipers on a broken windshield. It’s his car, and kudos to him for bringing it back to life, no matter the order he does it in.

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