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Question Of The Day: What Else Will Get The Hellcat Treatment?

Question Of The Day: What Else Will Get The Hellcat Treatment?

The numbers don’t lie, the Hellcat engine has been quite a stimulation for Dodge’s sales, with the Hellcat getting a surprising start. And the Charger Hellcat has been warming the hearts of minds of all of the journalists who have had the luck of driving it just as much. And with Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis wanting the Hellcat vehicles out to the public as easily as they can be, it would make sense to spread out the engines to other models. But which ones? According to Dodge, the Viper is out because of a clearance issue, and that the Ram trucks aren’t being considered “right now”. Β That leaves two good options: the Durango/Grand Cherokee and the Ram truck. Reportedly Jeep has trademarked the “Trackhawk” name (what, exactly was wrong with SRT-8?) so there might be a solid chance of seeing a Hellcat Jeep Grand Cherokee. But there are plenty of vehicles under the Mopar tent that could use the kick in the ass that the Hellcat treatment has been. So what should be next? Should the Dart become the rally rocket that the Global RallyCross cars showed that they could be? Hot rod Caravan? Maybe there’s hope for the Renegade after all…it could certainly help the attractiveness level, though I don’t think it would be quite as successful as a jet car’s afterburner.

So, take a good whack at it, and build up an interesting FCA creation out of the not-so-inspiried current offerings…you have to be able to do a better job than the regular departments.


Seriously…you CAN do better.

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21 thoughts on “Question Of The Day: What Else Will Get The Hellcat Treatment?

  1. mooseface

    A hellcat powerplant in that resurrected Barricuda the internet keeps rumorizing would be kinda nifty.
    I’d rather see these motors make it to the market in crates, then we could see some cool classic iron with a bellowing Hellcat heart.
    Could you imagine a Superbird clone (or contemporary tribute, watever) with a Hellcat shoved in there? Maybe some reworking on the nosecone to help it stay grounded at speed, it would be a killer project.

    1. mooseface

      It was. And Plymouth suffered a fate worse than death alone: extreme marginalizing to death.
      Nonetheless, rumors abound that the Chrysler Skunkworks are going to resurrect the Barricuda model as a standalone halo car.

    1. ColoradoKid

      Hmmmn .. so now its OK to put a Mercedes motor into a hot rod ? Hmmmn … the xenophobia wearing thin ? Or is it that y’all are still completely unaware of the fact that the ‘ new ‘ Hemi is a Mercedes ?

      Which err … FCA is about to lose the use of in the next 16 months

      So much for future plans πŸ˜‰

      1. The Crusty Autoworker

        While they were developed during Dumbler Benz ownership, there is nothing “Benz” about the modern Hemi, so give it a rest.
        Fully developed in America by Chrysler, and won’t be going anywhere in the next 16 months. πŸ˜‰

      2. Matt Cramer

        If I happened to have a project in need of a motor swap and found a good deal on a Mercedes V8 or V12, I’d go for it just to be different.

  2. ColoradoKid

    Whats that old saying ? Fool you once … shame on Marchionne . Fool you .. oh .. about 10,000 times in the last five years alone … Shame on you !

    But I’ll ell you what . Y’all keep living your Marchionne induced delusions … and I’ll keep right on laughing my effing ___ off !

    Cause anyone trusting the numbers from FCA [ as well as Marchionne ] considering both their decades long history … needs to be pitied .. but deserves to be mocked .

    And with the way things are going worldwide and especially with this 2014 election year .. I need a damn good LMAO moment now and again . So thanks !

    But hey … just to share a laugh or two not at y’alls expense … heard the one about the deluded Jeep dealer in Denver who thinks JK’s used to come with a V8 ? I did… yesterday when shopping for an Unlimited . Yup … the Dealership Dance continues on !

    Bahahahahahaha !


    PS; I’m sure this is a futile question to ask .. but ;

    But is anyone aware of a reasonably honest and well informed Jeep dealership or dealer in the metro Denver area ?

    Seriously .. I’d like to finally get a JK before Marchionne screws that one up as well

    1. BeaverMartin

      That would be SICK! I want mine mid mounted with AWD and fender flairs wide as Niki Menage and an Abarth scorpion across the hood.

      1. Gregg68

        satin black paint with a gloss black scorpion on the hood, satin black wheels with a subtle red pinstripe, natch. πŸ™‚

  3. moparnutz

    A.K.A. ::::
    PISS WATER ! )
    And Chill – out !!!!!!!!!!!
    we don’t make fun of your ..
    ( L.O.L. )every time someone mentions it
    so stay off Mopar *****

  4. BeaverMartin

    Alfa Romeo 4C. Swapping the turbo four for the hellcat would make the little Alfa into one of the hairiest hard edge little bastards on the planet. It would be reminiscent of a Lancia Stratos no wheelbase + insane power = awesome!

    1. BeaverMartin

      I just realized FCA owns Lancia so do the above and badge engineer it into the second coming of the Stratos. Slap 280k price tags on the beasties and watch them fly off the lot and into the nearest tree.

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