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More Recall Woes, This Time It’s Honda And Toyota’s Turn. And You Won’t Believe What This One Is For!

More Recall Woes, This Time It’s Honda And Toyota’s Turn. And You Won’t Believe What This One Is For!

Yesterday we reported on GM’s latest woes as they called back every 5th gen Camaro made for a key that could stall the car out…if your knee hit the key hard enough, the car would stall. Well, that’s cute. Toyota has had to recall over 800,000 cars for an airbag inflator that can shoot shrapnel into a person’s face. Yeah, instead of a somewhat soft pillow saving your hide from the steering wheel, you get a shotgun blast to the face, complete with peppering shrapnel. Nice.

The problem has been sourced to the inflator manufacturer, Takata, and has been found in cars from six manufacturers. Honda is reportedly considering a recall, and BMW, Nissan, Pontiac and Mazda are also affected. The inflators were shipped with propellants that were either improperly stored or simply “botched” (that has no explanation of what that means, which is all the more frightening) and Takata doesn’t know how many inflators were affected. Toyota is taking the smart route and instead of guessing what inflators are bad, are replacing every one, to be safe.

Cars affected by this new recall were manufactured between 2002-2004 and include the Lexus SC430, Toyota Sequoia, Corolla, Tundra, Matrix and the Pontiac Vibe. No word yet on what cars are affected by the other manufacturers.

Is this the face of a car that would hurt you?



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14 thoughts on “More Recall Woes, This Time It’s Honda And Toyota’s Turn. And You Won’t Believe What This One Is For!

  1. GuitarSlinger

    Ahem ! This ‘ news ‘ is like about a week late good sir ! And its not that the airbag has shrapnel in it but rather the airbag ….. NOT made by Toyota/Honda by the way unlike all the woes of GM lately’s defective parts ….. has too much force to it causing the plastic covering the airbag to possibly act like shrapnel

    Oh …. and by the way . On the subject of CURRENT news . GM yesterday recalled another 3.2 million cars . Over parts GM and AC/Delco makes . GM now to the point of having recalled almost every car they’ve made over the last ten years .

    So drop the Schadenfreude attitude over Toyota and Honda’s minor woes [ that have yet to do any harm ] and face the music

    GM …. Sucks ! Has for going on 40 years now . Period ! End of story . Deal with it !

    Yeah . GM . ” Find New Roads ” As well as a new brand to buy . Seeing as how buying anything GM just might kill you . Literally .

    1. 75Duster

      Guitarslinger, since you don’t like any American cars, why is it that you troll on this website?
      Shouldn’t you be in your VW van trying to out drive our American musclecars?
      As far as Toyota and Honda recalls go, it wasn’t too long ago that Toyotas were recalled because of sudden acceleration issues, or don’t you remember that being in the news?

    2. Jerry Lundegaard

      I think GuitarSlinger is the guy who is trying to get an NHRA Prius class going. Good luck with that, buddy.

    3. mooseface

      I love how GS bashed on probably the cheapest, lowest-quality and worst-managed of “The Big Three” and people are burning him in effigy for being anti-‘Murrica. In fact, I wouldn’t even say it was “bashing” so much as stating the obvious, but the GM fanboys all have their underpants in knots anyway.

      1. Jerry Lundegaard

        “GM …. Sucks ! Has for going on 40 years now . Period ! End of story . Deal with it !”

        -This isn’t bashing? Ok.

        1. mooseface

          I would call that passionately stated, but otherwise objective truth.
          GM is like that guy we all knew back in high school who did one cool thing to help win one big game one time, and going on decades later hasn’t ever lived it down. The world left them behind long ago.

    4. chris

      Someone is a Honda/Toyota fan boy.. Chevy is pulling every car just to be safe. The ignition in my cobalt is perfectly fine and I’m getting recall notices too.. so not every car is effected. Gm is doing that to be safe. And remember. The cover of the steering wheel is Honda and Toyota so you have a Honda/Toyota part breaking into your face. Quit with the fandom, you look stupid

  2. pj

    The “sudden acceleration recall” of the floor mat was silly at best. Yes it was in the news, but when the smoke settled it was found and proven the throttle pedals weren’t faulty and Toyota recalled the product on good faith, similar to this were instead of waiting for the worst they are just going to do it.
    In the pedal case, they also didn’t manufacture the product.

    Remember the firestone tire debacle on ford explorers? Also proven that if driving and the tire explodes it didn’t cause enough anything to cause a roll over. Unless of course the driver did something stupid…. Guess what the outcome of that was….

    So yeah recalls shouldn’t be headline news. How about we focus on things that these companies are doing that are good for a change? I’m sick of the media and the constant reports of bad things that happen. Even minor stuff.

    1. crazy canuck

      Funny when that acceleration problem showed up on yotas I checked the owners manual in the wifes econobox and it says in black and white do not use aftermarket floor mats as they do not have the proper retention device and can jam the gas pedal

  3. Anthony

    They didnt recall my G8. I have no problem buying another GM car either by the way. From what Ive seen and experienced they are no worse than any of the other automakers.

  4. Patrick U

    Fact is, GM has gone downhill a lot in the last several years. In 2009 I got a brand new 3500HD Duramax/Allison. The truck was the least reliable, roughest riding, cheaply built piece of shit I’ve ever had the chance to own. I then replaced it with a new 2009 2500HD with a 6.0L LeSs engine. Within 500 miles it was back at the dealer for a transmission. After my dealings with GM, I went back to my roots and bought a used 2009 F-350 with a Power Stroke. I got the truck with 90k on it, and ran it without any issues until it was totalled in 2013 with well over 200k on it.

  5. crazy

    love it.. when it’s a Honda/Toyota, the part “wasn’t made by them” but when it’s a g.m. it’s all them.. news flash G/SLINGER.. g.m. outsources parts just like everyone else.. my guess is most of everyones recalls can be traced to parts made in CHINA… just a hunch… as seen as most electronics from computers to hifi gear has been affected since 2011 because of china made parts.. G/slinger just because a part comes in a box labled ac delco, it doesn’t mean they made it.. go back to your Toyota board ya troll.. and grow some balls and use the screen name you use on the forum..

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