Robby Gordon Learns About Hoon Laws The Hard Way: Indefinite Visa Suspension For Donuts!

Robby Gordon Learns About Hoon Laws The Hard Way: Indefinite Visa Suspension For Donuts!

Australia’s “Hoon Laws” can easily be perceived by American eyes as heavy-handed, sure, but at the end of the day they are the law and are enforceable. Just ask Robby Gordon, who recently found out first-hand just how little tolerance the officials in Darwin, Northern Territories have for hijinks. After whipping a couple of donuts on a closed-off street in front of a bar in a Stadium Super Truck, Gordon is feeling the wrath of the officials. He was summoned to court and hit with an AUD$4,150 ($3,136.36 USD) fine, but that’s not even the half of his problems. In addition to the fine and the loss of his local driver’s license for charges that included operating an unregistered and uninsured vehicle and the obvious driving charges, and narrowly missing the jail time that Judge Richard Coates seemed more than ready to hand down, the Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) has denied Gordon the ability to apply for a Competition Visa. Gordon won’t be allowed to compete within any race series in Australia until CAMS reverses it’s decision, which we have the feeling won’t happen for quite some time…if ever.

Here’s the official CAMS statement:

The Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS) is disappointed to learn of the misconduct by Stadium Super Truck driver Robby Gordon after competition ceased last Saturday evening (17 June, 2017) at a Supercars event in Darwin.

Such irresponsible behaviour in a racing vehicle and in an uncontrolled environment on a public road is simply inexcusable, and has the potential to harm the reputation and integrity of our sport across all levels.

The civil matter has since been heard in the Darwin Local Court. In acknowledgement of the Judge’s scathing remarks in the ruling of the case, CAMS Chief Executive Officer Eugene Arocca has now opted to indefinitely deny Mr Gordon from applying for a Competition Visa on health and safety grounds.

Further, CAMS will conduct an investigation reviewing the incident. A timeframe for the sanction will be determined at a later date pending the findings from the investigation.

“With CAMS actively engaging more than ever with local communities, government, and corporate Australia to grow and promote our sport, so-called ‘hoon’ behaviour on public roads is not reflective of our values, nor our member base, and will not be tolerated,” Arocca said.

“It is unfortunate that such actions have taken place after an otherwise professional and well organised event at Hidden Valley Raceway, and such behaviour is not reflective of the organising committee of that event or Supercars.

“We are disappointed that this incident is not demonstrative of the requisite level of professionalism demanded by modern motor sport.

“As a signatory of the global FIA Action for Road Safety campaign, we believe our CAMS licence holders, volunteers, circuits and car clubs – including our board and staff – uphold responsible conduct on our public roads.”

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11 thoughts on “Robby Gordon Learns About Hoon Laws The Hard Way: Indefinite Visa Suspension For Donuts!

  1. john

    Reminds me of the book I read as a child…The Ugly American. Reading Burdick and Lederer’s novel would be good reading for Gordon. Marlon Brando starred in the movie for those who don’t/can’t read.

    1. Eze

      Of course they have to have these \”hoon\” laws. What do you expect when you have an entire continent populated mostly by the offspring off criminals.

  2. Brian Cooper

    Their country, their laws. Abide by them or suffer the consequences. No different than breaking an American law and being handed a similar penalty.

    *For the record, I happen to think that Gordon is an excellent off road driver.

  3. Richard wallendal

    When in Rome, do as the Romans do.
    An old but true clue cliche. Robby is one of my heros and clearly one of the top off-roaders in the world not to mention a pretty fair promoter. Keeping a non-mainstream series going on an international level shows top level skills. Buuut, you gotta know when to keep it in your pants or there will be consequences.

  4. Patrick

    Gordon’s biggest enemy his whole career has been himself, great family backing, great talent, some truly bad decisions sprinkled in.

  5. doug gregory

    Once I read ‘closed off street’ I should have stopped reading. Closed off street likely because the race vehicles were parking there post-race for the fans to see… there was no traffic and he whipped a couple donuts. Big deal.

    I also read it as ‘celebratory behavior post-race in a closed off area is not permitted’. Kinda like spiking the ball after a touchdown. Not too sure about it being unprofessional either. Are some of the NHRA and NAPCAR officials moonlighting over there…

  6. Gump

    Really? In the land of incredibly excessive burnout contests he gets hammered for doing a couple spins on a closed street?

    1. Spencer

      Yeah, and looks to me on his first go around he was damn close to a parked vehicle on the roadside. Vehicles were stopped in the road no less than 50′ away while he was dicking around and the person taking the video I’m sure was with a whole bunch of bystanders…so what would’ve happened if something mechanical failed?? We would’ve been hearing news about how American Robbie Gordan hurt/maimed/killed a bunch of Aussies because he was being…a dumbass loud American not obeying rules…thankfully no one got hurt.

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