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Seen The Photos Of The 1969 Firebird Crushed By The Fire Truck? They’re Making The Rounds (again)

Seen The Photos Of The 1969 Firebird Crushed By The Fire Truck? They’re Making The Rounds (again)

If you have been on the internet over the last couple days, chances are you have seen one of or all of the photos below. They depict a 1969 Firebird that has been completely destroyed by an out of control fire truck rolling down a steep embankment. To say that the car is a write off would be a complete understatement. Look, a GT40 is about a foot taller than the Pontiac after the massive fire truck landed dead square on top of it. The story gets worse because the owner had possessed the car since he was old enough to drive and it had been with him though thick and thin, to the drags, and all over the country. People are freaking out about the car’s destruction and we saw more than a few people say mean things about the guy driving the fire truck, which is pretty nasty and uncalled for. We’re pretty sure that the fireman didn’t plan on nearly killing himself and wrecking a truck that set his city back hundreds of thousands of dollars. There is one shining light of positive news in this whole scene, though and that’s the fact it happened in 2009. Yes, like six years ago.

Seeing the photos without any context, you’d never know that. This stuff seems to happen every now and again with a news story or some photo that people may have seen and forgotten. It then grows some legs, becomes viral and everyone freaks out about an incident that happened when Gary Coleman was still among the living. Here’s hoping that the guy got some insurance money and bought another hot rod or project. It had to have sucked to see the car like that and if he cruises the internet, he may be reliving that day once, twice, or 50 times over the next week as the photo flies around.

Now you know so you can drop the old, “Saw that….four years ago,” line on your friends who drop you this hot link.


Photo credit: Denver Post and Canyon Courier)

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6 thoughts on “Seen The Photos Of The 1969 Firebird Crushed By The Fire Truck? They’re Making The Rounds (again)

  1. starterguy

    That really sucked. I don’t know when Dynacorn parts became available but it would have helped this guy.

  2. LoneWolf 573

    they should have sent it to Grave Yard Cars—they seem to do good with bad things like this–Just keep Darin’s mouth taped shut

  3. Polyhead

    The one at the end of vanishing point was in worse shape. A flattened camaro… honestly that’s the highlight of my day right there.

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