Six State Attorneys Join Fight Against Proposed EPA Legislation – MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD HERE

Six State Attorneys Join Fight Against Proposed EPA Legislation – MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD HERE

The battle against the proposed changes to the Clean Air Act has taken a new turn recently as seven states have sent letters to the agency asking that they stop pursuing the proposed changes. State attorneys from Michigan, Louisiana, West Virginia, Ohio, Alabama, Arkansas, and Georgia have all signed onto the letter that talks plainly about the adverse economic impact that the rules would have along with the squashing of a national pastime.

West Virgia State Attorney Patrick Morrissey said, “This rule effectively makes modifying a vehicle for purposes of racing illegal, “Morrisey said. “That will destroy jobs and end a pastime Congress specifically protected under the Clean Air Act. Any purported benefit gained by EPA would pale in comparison to the economic damage it will cause.”

We of course agree with this line of thinking along with the belief that these changes clearly overstep the authority of the EPA and delve straight into a place that was protected very specifically ad the creation of the clean air act itself back in the early 1970s. We will continue to follow this story until it reaches a conclusion and will keep you updated with any and all information as we get it.

Now, what can you do to help? You can click the link below where in about one minute’s time you can contact your local legislators and let your opinion and voice be heard on this topic. You enter your information, the correct legislators are located and then a letter is sent in their direction. It may feel like a very small thing but it is huge in any and every way that you can imagine. The only way that we will eventually defeat these flawed ideas is to stand up to them and make it well known that we will not passively stand by and allow our hobby, living, lifestyle, and passions ripped from beneath our feet without a fight.




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8 thoughts on “Six State Attorneys Join Fight Against Proposed EPA Legislation – MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD HERE

  1. 75Duster

    So the EPA thinks that they can tell me what to do with my cars, this is the same agency that created the Flint, Mi. water crises as well as the Colorado River getting toxins dumped into it and not taking reponsiblity for it.
    It is time to regulate this agency the same way it has been regulating people and businesses. Screw the EPA!

    1. G. Robinson

      I agree w/you re: that the proposed ban on modifying cars for automotive hobbyist pursuits will do more harm than good. The net benefits of eliminating negative impacts on the environment by eliminating enthusiast based motorsports activities would be even less than the “car crushing” credits program initiated 20 years ago. The effort & net gains aren’t worth the negative economic impact from loss of commerce and jobs this automotive hobbyist pursuit provides in many states across this nation.
      HOWEVER, be sure to have your facts straight about laying blame regarding the root causes of the Flint, Michigan civilian clean water supply contamination. This problem was initiated and caused by the state and local county govt. agencies responsible for making decisions like choosing to ad money to annual budgets and pay for necessities like adding anti-corrosion chemical additives to drinking water sources that have a tendency to erode the inside of water pipes and release dangerous toxins in the pipes base materials such as lead & iron oxide (rust). The EPA has nothing to do with these infrastructure based budget decisions at the state level. The blame should be laid at the foot of the Governor and those whom he had charged with the responsibility of making and informing him of these poor decisions that led to the drinking water disaster in the first place. It’s no wonder that citizens in the state of Michigan at this time are putting together a petition to have the current Governor of Michigan impeached and not the person in charge of the EPA in the state of Michigan.

  2. Fishbone

    Horrible impact on the economy and our sport/hobby; minimal benefit if any to clean air!

  3. Russell

    If this was a Stick & Ball sport being snuffed out could you imagine the outrage? People would be marching in the streets demanding the ouster of the Gov. & Feds. there would be riots, literally. But its not its just those hoodlums and their icky cars. I have lost count of the studies done that demonstrably show the automotive hobby segment is not the polluting culprit. It just isn’t. never has been. Somebody, somewhere, in some stale EPA office has a boner for car people and is wants to make an example of them and ruin the gig. for everybody. Probably wore plaid cuffed bell bottoms back in the disco era and never got over being ridiculed or something, well, Disco still sucks and so does this EPA plan.

  4. Russell

    I forgot to say this person was probably ridiculed by someone in a ’78 Trans Am. 🙂

  5. Adam

    When they pay for my new diesel truck and my toys then they can tell me what I can and can’t do with them. With fabrication time plus all the years spent working on them I expect a check for $10,000,000 to be in the mail shortly. Otherwise the e.p.a. and gov can f@#k off and I’ll keep burning my diesel and 110 octane. I love my hobby and look forward to every minute spent wrenching and playing.

  6. Westphal performance

    My name is Dale owner of westphal performance in ny. This is a very serious
    Issue for me and my customers because they have put all this money into there cars- if this epa bill passes -then what.l’ve already had problems with the street cars I’ve built because in 1996 ny state emissions changed. 96and newer vehicles must be plugged in via OBD-II for testing. No check engine lights on these cars but half of the cars failed because monitors not ready. Easy fix! Shimming the existing o2 sensor’s & a new program (stop my customers from freaking out). But the epa issue is not so easily resolved.

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