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All The Smart Cars Shall Be Tipped – God Help Those That Own These Things

All The Smart Cars Shall Be Tipped – God Help Those That Own These Things

On Sunday night, a few Smart cars were flipped over, set on end, or otherwise vandalized on the means streets of San Francisco, not that big a deal right? Wrong. The incident spread like gasoline fed wildfire around the internet and was reported on at the national level. This is a huge problem for anyone that owns a smart car, especially if you live near a college campus. Why? Because we can virtually guarantee copy cat versions of the crime will be committed this weekend all over the place. All it takes is a couple of beer fueled college kids and an unfortunately parked Smart and it is game on. Like Skittles, Pringles, and rib eye steaks, you can’t have just one, so no Smart car is safe.

As you would expect, Smart cars are easy pickins’ for vandals and idiots but they’ve mostly only been defiled in Canada and abroad. This is the first time a “major” incident of Smart car flipping has been reported in the USA and we’re guaranteeing you it isn’t the last. Believe it or not, Smart cars were being flipped, carried off, and dumped into Dutch canals with such frequency, the police stopped talking about it or mentioning it to the news in an effort to stop the escalating  wave of automotive violence. We’d classify the Dutch several evolutionary levels above a muscled up and drunken 20 year old kid in an American city that is stumbling out of a bar after hours of drinking. Nothing good will come of this.

If we owned a Smart car (we’re laughing hysterically at the mere prospect) we’d probably go into sales mode right now before this whole Smart tippin’ thing becomes a national pastime and with warmer weather allowing people more mobility outside, it is going to.  What can you do to stop vandals from flipping your Smart? You can’t do a damned thing but you can make sure all of your loose change is removed from the cup holders and you can make sure no one can actually sees your car. Park it next to a Cushman truck and tell everyone it is an Escalade, chain it to a lamp post, or fill the tires with concrete….that’s about it. You’re boned.

The Smart assault the other day took place in San Francisco and in typical San Fran-ease, one of the victims talked about the whole experience. The best part of this quote is that the speaker was watching an old man’s car and moved it out of a safe spot to the corner to allow a larger car to park. Her husband apparently told her that was a bad idea. Imagine being that guy? You have the ultimate, “I told you so,” to use for the rest of your lives.

Here’s a quote we found from this specific incident 

“He was proud that at age 70 he was driving it around. He felt real progressive in it,” Orner said. “Although, I don’t know if anyone wants to buy a Smart car now after what happened.”

Gallivan said she moved the car from in front of her house to a nearby corner — despite her husband’s reservations — to allow a bigger car to move into the space.

She hopes the vandalism isn’t the start of a new trend.

“It’s a bummer. I’m sure hoping it’s just a prank and not those who are trying to make a bigger statement in regards to the gentrification in the city,” Gallivan said.

Yeah, that’s the ticket. This was done to make a”bigger statement in regards to the gentrification in the city.” Or it was a frat initiation. You know. Either one.

Here’s the full story from San Francisco 

APTOPIX Smart Car Vandalism

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12 thoughts on “All The Smart Cars Shall Be Tipped – God Help Those That Own These Things

  1. 440 6pac

    Deliberately damaging someone’s property is stupid. I hope they throw the idiots in jail for the max.

  2. 75Duster

    They are tipping over Smart cars in San Francisco because the only cows in San Francisco are Polosi and Feinstein, who are currently grazing in Washington D.C..

  3. cyclone03

    Having had the priveledge of driving a 1969 Subaru 360 to high school I can relate to this story.
    Mom also drove it to work,when she worked late Dad would often get a call to come get the car off the lamp post base….again.
    What pissed us off was when 4 guys would get together and plant the rear of the car on the post base,24″ off the ground. The front was easy for Dad and I to handle,one of us could left the front wheels off the ground, but the rear had the engine. We could pick it up off the ground but the 2 of us lacked the needed control to get it off the lamp post base.

    I offten found the car turned 90* in the parking space. I even got a ticket at school for parking it on the walk way between the buildings. I got out of it when the princeple “cought” the football team carrying the thing across the quad the next week. I wonder how those a holes got that idea? and who tipped off the admins that it was happening…… anyway lets just say that that [email protected]#! ended for me at school that day.

    1. jerry z

      Back in the 70’s, my music teacher had a Subby 360 and yes a bunch of guys (not me included) turn his car 90 deg in his parking space more than once! It was funny!

    2. jerry z

      Back in the 70’s, my music teacher had a Honda 600 and yes a bunch of guys (not me included) turn his car 90 deg in his parking space more than once! It was funny!

  4. bkb

    Exactly! In Jr High (71?) a bunch of dumb a88 kids (me included) “borrowed” a Nash metro and parked it in the middle of the schools quad. Smart tipping is nothing new, but tiny cars havnt been around for a while to “make it happen”. How much does a fiat 500 weigh?…

  5. Joe Kidd

    Some clever electronics and large capacitors should slow them down .It works on cattle and they are obviously smarter than these shit heals

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