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Cool Stuff: Aeromotive Fuel System Power Planner – Lay Out Your Fuel System Online!

Cool Stuff: Aeromotive Fuel System Power Planner – Lay Out Your Fuel System Online!

One of the most handy things that we have run across to help hot rodders with their builds is the Aeromotive Fuel System Power Planner. This neat tool allows you to pick the parts and pieces needed to properly fuel your car or truck no matter the level of power you are trying to make. From mild street cars to full on race machines, the Aeromotive Fuel System Power Planner can help you avoid ordering the wrong stuff. Getting it right the first time is the best method for both your wallet and your hot rod.

Updated and revised with consideration given to the most commonly asked questions on the Aeromotive website and tech line, the Aeromotive Fuel System Power Planner is a great tool to play around with while you bench race your car together!




Aeromotive Inc. is a true high performance aftermarket manufacturer specializing in fuel delivery and fuel delivery components. Utilizing aerospace tolerances and procedures, three generations of track experience, and a meticulous approach to engineering, Aeromotive Fuel Systems has become the absolute pinnacle of performance fuel delivery. Urgent: Knock-off Aeromotive products are finding their way across the ocean onto our shores more and more recently. We are taking every possible step to prevent this, but inevitably, some will slip through the cracks. Click here for a list of known offenders, and what red flags to look for to be sure you are buying Genuine Aeromotive.

For more information visit www.aeromotiveinc.com. To speak with one of our highly qualified technicians, call (913) 647-7300. To obtain parts or contingency decals, contact us via phone at 913-647-7300, fax at 913-647-7207, or email at [email protected]

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