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Weld Racing Acquires Forgestar Performance Wheels – Big News!

Weld Racing Acquires Forgestar Performance Wheels – Big News!

Here’s some big news in the world of wheels! WELD Racing has acquired Forgestar performance wheels as it continues to expand its lines of high performance wheels that service the aftermarket industry. From drag racing to road racing, pro touring, trucks, trailers, and more WELD Racing continues to be on the forefront of the market.

This acquisition certainly strengthens the company’s position in the forged wheel world and in the pro touring market especially where Forgestar has been a rock star brand for some time. This is cool! A great acquisition by a great American company. Nothing to cry about here!

WELD Racing Strengthens Portfolio – Acquires Forgestar Performance Wheels

 Kansas City, MO. – WELD Racing has acquired Forgestar Performance Wheels that will strategically position both brands for a stronger future in the custom, tuner, and boutique aftermarket wheel industry. This valuable addition to the WELD Racing portfolio will enhance Forgestar’s place as a leader in producing custom flow formed wheels.

“We are pleased to add Forgestar Performance Wheels to the WELD Racing family,” said Norm Young, President and CEO of WELD Racing. “Both WELD and Forgestar have a great reputation among enthusiasts and racers on the street and on the track. The two brands will compliment each other in numerous ways such as design, engineering, and manufacturing.”

Forgestar Performance Wheels will retain its Anaheim, California location and continue with their custom flow forming technology that bridges the gap between forged and cast wheels. Forgestar Performance Wheels provide customers a wide range of styles, custom offsets and widths.

“With their increased engineering and production resources, WELD Racing is the ideal partner to continue Forgestar’s growth,” said Vincent Wong, Vice President of Lifestyle Business Unit. “With the added support, we will be able to push the boundaries of wheel manufacturing and continue to reinvent this exciting product segment.”


About Forgestar Performance Wheels

Forgestar Performance Wheels combines over 30 years of experience by introducing their proprietary flow forming technology to create the world’s first one-piece, lightweight custom flow-formed wheel lineup. Forgestar has bridged the gap between forged and cast wheels and provides customers a wide range of offsets and widths that are designed, engineered, and manufactured to fit perfectly on a wide range of vehicles.

About WELD

WELD, based in Kansas City, Missouri, is the technology and manufacturing leader in the performance wheel market. Since 1967, WELD is a pioneer in wheel engineering and manufactures the highest quality forged race wheels for dirt, oval and drag racing, along with wheels for performance street cars and trucks. Each WELD wheel is precision engineered for maximum performance on the street, off road and at the track. WELD brands include WELD Racing, CCW Forged Performance, WELD Racing XT, and HiPer Technology by WELD products. WELD is part of the Cisneros Corporation

About Cisneros Corporation

Cisneros Corporation is a third generation global family enterprise led by Eduardo, Andres and Henrique Cisneros.  Conceived in 1929 by Diego Cisneros and championed by Ricardo Cisneros, the three brothers continue to grow and push new boundaries. With experience in numerous industries across media, telecom and consumer goods, Cisneros Corp. leverages its vast experience to find and create opportunities around the world.

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  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Awesome wheels – I’d like to see some 15 inchers on a Mk 1 Ford Escort as it would make a welcome change from all those boring Minilite clones…

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