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New Product: Mr. Gasket’s 35 GPM Electric Water Pump For Big Block Mopar

New Product: Mr. Gasket’s 35 GPM Electric Water Pump For Big Block Mopar

There is nothing like a stout big-block Mopar. That exhaust thump, that stump-pulling torque, the twist tearing through the chassis. It’s been a solid recipe for decades and whether you’re a hardcore racer who is pushing a 451 as hard as you can or you want the 440 in your truck to walk just that much harder, Mr. Gasket has a new item that can eliminate some of the parasitic horsepower losses that are happening underhood: a 35 gallon-per-minute electric water pump.

This pump will work on all B- and RB-series Chrysler big-blocks built between 1958-79, from the 361ci units found in the Forward Look cars to the last of the 440s, and even will work on 426 Hemis. The pump is designed to work in either the stock cast iron or aluminum water pump housing and features a black die cast main body with a billet aluminum impeller and a black powdercoated motor cover that will look great mounted up. A mounting gasket, four mounting bolts and a wiring pigtail are included with the kit.

Free up a few more horsepower, tidy up the accessory system, and let your big-block scream out that much harder! For more information and to order, head over to Mr. Gasket!


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3 thoughts on “New Product: Mr. Gasket’s 35 GPM Electric Water Pump For Big Block Mopar

  1. Loren

    I’ve never quite figured out how driving the water pump effectively off the alternator belt, with the conversion to electricity and then back out as an added factor, saves HP in the real world. I could see it working at the strip where the alternator might temporarily be disabled, then nothing up front is costing power during that time and it’s just battery draw. Anybody have facts/figures?

    If I could be convinced, then I’d buy one.

    1. Whelk

      They did and Engine Masters episode on this (ep 35). On a 383 and externally powered electric water pump vs a mechanical pump was worth about 5 horsepower. Adding an alternator killed another 10. So I doubt an electric pump off the alternator save you much of anything.

  2. Tom Damon

    All well and good but I think it’s just another aftermarket part that most folks can do without . that being said , I could never understand that heavy, cumbersome water pump housing on B,RB, Hemi’s . Even the alloy versions seem outdated . However, I would buy one tomorrow if I didn’t have to upgrade my electrical system . How many amps does it draw ? 20/30?

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