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Powermaster Brought New Products To SEMA 2016 And We Got The First Look

Powermaster Brought New Products To SEMA 2016 And We Got The First Look

Can you think of any sound that brings more of a sickening feeling to your gut than the “click” of a dead battery when you go to crank it? Actually, we can think of another…the sick moaning sound you make as you watch the amp gauge sink further and further into the red because your alternator decided that today’s the day it’s done. You could hit up the local parts store and pull something cheap off of their shelves that might last a while, or you could get in touch with Powermaster and cure the problem once and for all. Their focus is the electrical system of your ride…from keeping the battery healthy and happy to getting that mill to crank over no matter what conditions you face, Powermaster is there to help out.

For SEMA 2016, Powermaster brought out two new products that are now available:


The first is a new alternator line for C5 and C6 Corvettes. The stock units were good for 145 amps at full revs. The new units are good for 150 amps at idle, and up to 220 amps at full revs. They have the decoupler pulley on standard, so there is no chance of the problematic grumbling noises and issues that Corvettes had, and if you are using a stand-alone computer system, it can be converted to run on a one-wire setup. It is available in all currently available finishes, from standard cast to brushed and chrome.


The other new announcement is the Ultra Duty series of starters for 1982-2016 diesel truck engines for Ford, GM and Dodge. Built to take a beating and finished in a corrosion-resistant black finish, the Ultra Duty is the perfect replacement for the standard starter that might be getting long in the tooth or is having trouble kicking the engine over.


Any alternator that Powermaster sells can be currently finished in one of three ways: standard cast, polished, or a neat brushed look that is meant to look right in place with newer equipment. The brushed pieces can be cleaned with a scrub pad without worry, so you don’t have to be concerned about visual upkeep.


And now, something that isn’t avaliable yet, but might be depending on reaction: this is Powermaster’s new “Black Chrome” finish. Currently being shown, they are currently gauging interest. We should know right around the beginning of the year whether or not this finish will be going to market! If you like it, be sure to let the company know by shooting them a message saying so!


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One thought on “Powermaster Brought New Products To SEMA 2016 And We Got The First Look

  1. Brady

    Great people and a great product! Not sure about the black chrome though…might be the next ball milled billet?

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