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Story Update: John Wayne’s 1975 Pontiac Wagon Sells For

Story Update: John Wayne’s 1975 Pontiac Wagon Sells For

As we reported a month ago, the 1975 Pontiac Grand Safari wagon that was owned by John Wayne was headed to Mecum Auction’s Monterey event. The 455-powered 9-passenger wagon was customized by George Barris, who had performed similar modifications to two other Pontiacs (Wayne liked having the roofline lifted on his cars). Early estimates had put the Grand Safari north of $50,000 for sure, and it exceeded expectations, crossing the block at $71,000.


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8 thoughts on “Story Update: John Wayne’s 1975 Pontiac Wagon Sells For

  1. GuitarSlinger

    Yet another case of the ‘ More Money than Brains ‘ syndrome that sweeps across the auction blocks when some celebrities car passes over … despite how big a pos the car might be .

    Funny … almost everyone across the automotive universe has voted this travesty as the Ugliest Celebrity Car Ever !

    And everybody knows ole Marion wasn’t half the man 😉 he came across as on screen

    1. Vaughn

      GuitarSlinger you are a pos yourself!! Did you know Marion? I doubt you did so why would you say that about him? I met “John” when I was 16 years old at a friend of mine’s ranch because her dad had bought some cattle from him.He was a true stand up guy and did not play the “im am a movie star” card when he was around “regular” people.So to say what you said shows me how ignorant you are.

      Also another ignorant remark you made about the “automotive universe” had voted his car being the ugliest celebrity car ever is unfounded.As a “automotive junkie” I spend hours each night reading every thing automotive I have yet to even hear or read about this ever being said or printed.If you would like to back up your remarks please put a link here where I can read them.

    2. Nytro

      Guitartwinger, you’re a sorry ass troll, nothing else.
      When the hell did any vote about ugliest celebrity car even take place? And who are all these people you allege voted for this thing?
      You’re an idiot, a liar and a sad excuse for a human, and it’s pathetic that you never have a positive thing to write about anything.

  2. braktrcr

    I think it is a pretty fun looking long roof. Glad it has blackwall tires, and I like the rims too.

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