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Happy 3/24 – Let’s Fondly The Remember The Oldsmobile 324ci V8!

Happy 3/24 – Let’s Fondly The Remember The Oldsmobile 324ci V8!

We’re back with some more fun old engine stuff today in the form of the Oldsmobile 324ci V8. This engine was basically an enlarged version of the little 303ci we talked about earlier this month. The stroke of the 303 stayed but the bore was punched out to 3.875-inches giving the motor the 324ci displacement. Most of the 324s produced were shipped with two barrel carbs although the high performance models had four barrels on top of them. Many GMC trucks were shipped with this engine as well.

Oldsmobiles were some of the most sought after engines of their time by hot rodders. This engine was built from 1954-1956 with the 303 being even earlier than that. These things predated the small block Chevrolet and even after the small block came out, the Olds was still the more muscular mill until the aftermarket exploded and the SBC became the go to engine.

The engines in factory form produced 185hp and then through the 1956 year more compression, better camshafts, and other improvements meant that the most potent versions were rated for 230-240hp. That was big time stuff back even though it seems quint today.

So the 303 and the 324 are not distant cousins, they are literally brothers. A little more bore and some better breathing meant more power and it kept the Oldsmobile name at the forefront of performance. The 324 was supplanted by the 371 and later the 394 with predictable results. The bigger engines made bunches more power and the little 324 was relegated to its spot in history.

Check out some Oldsmobile 324ci goodness below – This little engine was cool!


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2 thoughts on “Happy 3/24 – Let’s Fondly The Remember The Oldsmobile 324ci V8!

  1. SSNOVA427

    Never saw one of these in a Jimmy. GMC used Pontiac V8s til the late 50s to my knowledge. Had 6 or 7 55 to 58 GMC pickups and all the V8s were Pontiacs. Someone needs to let me know if anything else was used,I,m curious.

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