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Build A Headache Rack At Home! Welding And Fabrication Tricks.

Build A Headache Rack At Home! Welding And Fabrication Tricks.

Sometimes buying an accessory for your truck is easy, simple, and gives you just what you want and need. Other times, purchasing an off the shelf part leaves you with something that works, but not exactly how you wanted, or that looks like an afterthought. It is those times that have me typically wanting to build something custom so that I know I’m getting exactly what I want. That’s the case with Dirthead Dave as he is building a custom headache rack for a friend’s truck.

I dig this headache rack, as much as anything because it also has great tie down rails, but also because out back it has a bar that allows longer loads to sit on it and the headache rack so that the heavy load isn’t placed on the tailgate itself. Pretty cool stuff if you ask me. So watch the video, see how Dave does it, and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

Video Description:

This time in The Dirthead Shed its time to cut, grind, and weld. I build a headache rack with bed rails from scratch and show it off step by step. Follow along on this fairly simple fabrication job.

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One thought on “Build A Headache Rack At Home! Welding And Fabrication Tricks.

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