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Great Tech Thread: How to Remove the Motor of Your 4th Gen Camaro/Firebird From The Bottom

Great Tech Thread: How to Remove the Motor of Your 4th Gen Camaro/Firebird From The Bottom

BangShift member Buddy blew the LT1 engine in his Camaro up about a year ago while ripping through the gears. This was not going to be a quick fix, the plant had to be pulled out of the car. At that time Buddy didn’t have a shop, but since then he built a sweet place to wrench in, and decided to tackle the Camaro project. The major question became how to remove the engine. There are (obviously) two different methods. 

Yanking the engine out the top is tricky on these 4th gens because of the setback. A significant portion of the engine is actually positioned deep in the cowl, beneath the windshield. There are specialty tools out there to allow the engine to be angled properly to come out the top, but Buddy decided to go the other way.

Choosing to have the engine and front end drop out isn’t as insane as it sounds. The factory installed the engines this way, so with the proper planning and patience, dropping the engine, cradle, and front suspension out, isn’t too daunting a task.

We’ve never seen anyone do a more detailed job documenting this process than Buddy. He painstakingly photo’d and described every single step of the process. The guy even went so far as to describe the proper socket sizes necessary to remove the bolts!

If you have a 4th Gen and are thinking about removing the engine, this thread is a must read! If you are a gearhead who is just fascinated by cool mechanical processes and yanking motors out of cars, this thread is a must read!

Big thanks to Buddy for posting this bad ass how to in our forums!

TECH LINK: How to remove the engine of a 4th Gen Camaro/Firebird from the bottom 

Engine dropping out the bottom of Camaro 

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