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Hydroform Your Own Parts At Home With A Grease Gun!

Hydroform Your Own Parts At Home With A Grease Gun!

Fluid has incredible power when used properly, and can be used to form metal for all kinds of purposes. Hydroforming, the process where a fluid is used to exert pressure on a material in order to form it into the shape of a die, is used extensively in modern automotive manufacturing, especially for frame members and such. One automotive aftermarket example is Detroit Speed’s front subframe assembly for Camaros and Novas. One factory example is the frame rails and such for a Chevrolet Corvette. In both of these cases and CNC mandrel bent piece of tubing is laid into a die and then pressured internally until it expands to fit the inside of the die. Simple sounding, but requiring a lot of pressure.

But what if you wanted to use this process for your own parts? Well, it turns out you can do this and it really isn’t that hard. In this video you’ll see a guy making hydroformed domed center caps for the wheels on his hot rod. The look is awesome, clean, and simple, and the project it’self looked like fun for sure. Plus, it makes me think of all kinds of ways that I think I could build a cool die to make some of my own creations.

Watch and see if you are inspired like we are.

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5 thoughts on “Hydroform Your Own Parts At Home With A Grease Gun!

  1. Loren

    Great info and creativity put out in short time, nice!

    Detroit Speed’s utilization of OEM prototype vendors to make hot-rod parts has resulted in some amazing stuff being available.

  2. KCR

    Been watching this young guy since he started building this vehicle. He some times takes the long way around to get things done. However he is doing great work. And he does a good video as well. Great talent for a young man. This will be a great driving car when done.I enjoy watching.

  3. old guy

    Lad does take the long way …uses a grinder to cut the plate in half
    next shot is sawing the center out on the band saw – which has had
    a blade cut , fed through the holes and welded
    don’t even mention the the long drill chips flapping with his bare hands
    right there

  4. Derrell

    Neat video. Good for people to learn making their own stuff instead of going out and buying. Most important is the satisfaction of saying “I made this”

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