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Tech: The BangShift 700-R4 Rebuild Part 4

Tech: The BangShift 700-R4 Rebuild Part 4

Jeff Bradley is back with the fourth installment of how to properly rebuild at 700-R4 transmission. This is literally a blow by blow, step by step account of how to replace every part in the transmission. We’ve already been through the tear down and initial steps of the reconstruction, this installment will cover more of the internal assembly of the trasmission.

Big thanks again to Jeff Bradley of Bradley’s Transmission Service, Indianapolis, Indiana. He can be reached at his website here or by phone @ 317-545-3336. 

The BangShift.com 700-R4 Rebuild

Part 1 — Disassembly

Part 2 — Initial Reconstruction 

Part 3 — The Rebuild continues   

Part 4 —  Drum and Pump Reassembly 


Transmission magic! 

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