Project Townado: Time For A No Money Refresh Of The 351 Cleveland That’ll Bee Seeing A Little Boost!

Project Townado: Time For A No Money Refresh Of The 351 Cleveland That’ll Bee Seeing A Little Boost!

When we say “no money refresh” we mean it as about the most expensive thing involved with this video are the head gaskets that go under the iron bricks atop the block of the 351 Cleveland which is powering this awesome Aussie project. If you remember, we showed you the first installment of this series last week and it is a good one. The Full Boost YouTube channel got their mitts on a clean 1976 Ford F-350 ramp truck and they are currently upgrading the thing for as little money as possible. This episode shows what their initial plans are for the engine in the truck, a venerable 351 Cleveland or a Clevo as they so love to call them.

Basically you are going to see some really BangShifty stuff in action here. For starters, there’s a head swap. This head swap is performed because the engine has the closed chamber style heads on it and according to the host of the video this means the thing had about 11:1 compression! Now, Aussies have better gas than we do, either that or this sucker was running on E85 at all times because around here, 11:1 in a working truck on regular gas would be a detonated and blown up engine. So bolting on some open chamber style heads drops the compression in the 9:1 range and that’s a much better spot for the boost that this engine will see. More on that in a second.

Next up is surfacing the heads, which is done with sheets of sand paper and a big flat piece of thick plastic. Basically using the weight of the heads, they are dragged over ever finer sand paper until a nice finish is achieved. Lapping the valves by hand is next, and then dropping the heads back on and giving the thing a spray paint bath locks it up.

Money spent? Virtually none! The reasons for this approach to start is that the engine is only going to see 5-10psi of boost and there are plans to do something way more hardcore after this. The engine that’s being messed around with here is just the starter package. Or so they say!

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