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Unknown Parts Counter Guy: Tales From The Call Center

Unknown Parts Counter Guy: Tales From The Call Center

Not every story I get comes from behind the counter. This particular guy has to be the guy on the phone as an engine tech. I don’t envy him either. Some of these know-it-alls can really screw up your day.

 “Here’s one today. Guy calls, says he bought a set of our heads. He is rebuilding a 383 that “blew up”. He is asking what head gaskets we use. I give him the part number to the one we use when we build an engine with these same heads. He offers up another part number. A $12 FelPro stock replacement gasket. He asks me if this gasket would work. Wellllllllll. I wouldn’t risk it, I say. He said he used them on the heads he just melted.  It would depend on the rest of the build. He goes on to list the parts to build the engine, which finishes with a 300 shot of N2O. He balks at my suggestion of using $$$ MLS head gaskets and head studs instead of cheap bolts. After ten minutes I realize he hates the thought of spending $80 on a gasket and is really trying to convince himself that using the cheapy’s again will work this time. OK, dude.”

And from one of my favorite Facebook sites, Mechanic Memes, comes this gem of a picture:


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6 thoughts on “Unknown Parts Counter Guy: Tales From The Call Center

  1. john

    A young kid next door, a sophomore in college (was in engineering) had no idea about what tire pressure he should have in his Hyundai. I showed him the door tag , explained that you can use more if carrying extra weight. Someone else will have to explain oil changes.

  2. 440 6Pac

    When someone ask me about a part trying to justify using a cheepy I just tell them it’s their money but don’t come to me when they have more problems.

  3. PJ

    Working in a parts department for over 10 years now brings my favorite customers. “I need the cheapest X part you have” go and find said cheap part tell them the price. “What brand is it?, is it Chinese I don’t want a cheap Chinese part” After explaining that the name brand not cheapest in the store is more money they always respond with a similar tone of disbelief that the quality part is more money.
    Rarely do people looking for cheap parts change their minds and buy the good parts, but the sure like to complain when the cheap stuff breaks!

  4. Matt

    Today’s best phone call to my department was “Do you have an 11MM tap I can borrow?”

    I can’t even blame the service manager for punting that one because he’s on vacation…

  5. Tbirdsc

    I hate it when customers come in ask for a part.I get there information give them usually 3 options good better best , and of course the prices range from cheap to expensive,and they ask which one is the better one…………..?…?in my head I just wanna say which one do you think!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Dave stephens

    After 30 years behind the counter ….. When i get a “Buttnutt”….. That asks will this work instead … I say lets try this … let me see your License ! …(place it in front of them)
    Ok look at me …. now imagine your car is broke AGAIN !
    Now look at your license … call him an asshole ! ……
    Repeat till you figure it out ! …. I’ll be over here If ya need me !

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