Weirdly Fun: Watch This 1949 Euclid Dump Truck Run A Tour Truck Course – Run Maybe Overstating It

Weirdly Fun: Watch This 1949 Euclid Dump Truck Run A Tour Truck Course – Run Maybe Overstating It

There’s an old question out there that we love asking. “Why be normal?” That is exactly what pertains to this video that was taken a while back at a state fair where a tough truck course had been setup. We’re sure plenty of Jeep Cherokees and o there junk bounded around the dirt track, weaving between the cones and getting a little air on the whoop-de-doo jumps. We’re also 100% sure that no one in attendance thought that they would both see an hear a 1949 Euclid dump truck run the same course the pickups did!

This old truck likely lives in a rock quarry or some other place where it spends its days schlepping whatever gets dumped in the bed, around. Powered by what sure sounds like a 4-53 Detroit Diesel engine, the lumbering old animal is neither fast nor maneuverable. We’re sure the guy driving was going like hell inside this thing and even though he has to stop to make a couple of the corners we think he did a good job.

This old truck seems to be in remarkable shape for a working rig. We love the 01 painted on the door of the thing in shoe polish against the orange paint of the dump. Euclid was a division of General Motors for a time in the 1950s but they got the boot when the government went after the company for basically being a monopoly. Boy, we’re a long way from those days, huh?

Most of us think of Euclids as being bright green. As Hitachi bought the company, their colors went to orange in the 2000s but we’re guessing somewhere along the line this thing got a fresh bath of orange paint at the behest of a fleet manager or something. Either way, the no nonsense looks and screaming Detroit Diesel definitely do this fella’s heritage proud.

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2 thoughts on “Weirdly Fun: Watch This 1949 Euclid Dump Truck Run A Tour Truck Course – Run Maybe Overstating It

  1. Brian Cooper

    The driver of that truck spent the next three weeks in intensive care. He now has 4 personal chiropractors that attend him at all times.

  2. KCR

    Another screaming Detroit doing its thing.I like the 01 on the door. Almost as cool as the old Dodge semi pulling truck with the 01 on the door ,pulling the sled out the back door and down the road. With a screaming Detroit in it also. look it its very cool.That old Uke is most likely from the 60’s or before. And still able to work today. The bigger units like this, a little newer had an independent front suspension under them. It looked like a 1970 C-10 on super steroids . you couldn’t haul the A arms in a pickup. The old Terex and Uclids were a brute. Ans as Brian stated .Yes they rode way way bad .You wanted a load going both ways


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