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Bloodhound SSC Aims For 1000 mph And Makes First Test Hit Over 200 mph

Bloodhound SSC Aims For 1000 mph And Makes First Test Hit Over 200 mph

The Bloodhound SSC plans to set a new all time land speed record of 1000 miles per hour, but before it can get that fast they need to do some shakedown runs. But where do you handle those? And how do you keep the results under wraps? The answer is “on a runway”, and “you don’t!”. This 200 mph test was attempting to check engine functions, afterburner activation, handling and more. Andy Green was behind the wheel, as usual, and the initial test went well with the team surpassing the 200 mph mark.

Ultimately the team will be going after 1000 mph at a location in South Africa, although several locations have been discussed around the world. We’re excited to see the program moving forward, and laugh at some of the folks who have been less than impressed with it’s current performance. It’s not like you can pull this sucker out of the garage and just run 1000 mph on the first hit. This team will be making multiple test runs and working their way toward 1000 mph over the next season or two, and we’ll be excited to see them progress.

Here’s the video from the first couple runs at Cornwall Airport Newquay.

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6 thoughts on “Bloodhound SSC Aims For 1000 mph And Makes First Test Hit Over 200 mph

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    I found that so boring I nearly ripped my own eyes out!

    The serious record attempt will not take place until at least 2019 by which time hopefully a real American hot rodder will have built a car and run it at 1100mph rendering this over hyped and over exposed pile of junk totally irrelevant.

  2. Gary Smrtic

    CHMG, you’re welcome in my home anytime…
    Even if George Poteet doesn’t want to go 1,100 MPH, he has the wherewithall to fund such an effort. Come on, George, Americans need to own the LSR!

    1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

      Even though I’m English I hate these Bloodhound bullshitters. So I say come on George and blast those utter toffs off the map in 2018!

  3. Bobby J

    Gees you guys are tough!
    I liked seeing it out and running, it’s friggen’ huge!
    You can’t have too big a fin!
    Good luck to them I say!

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