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Celebrating The “Other” 428 On 4/28 – A Video Bonanza Of Pontiac 428 Power Shredding Tires And Spinning Dynos

Celebrating The “Other” 428 On 4/28 – A Video Bonanza Of Pontiac 428 Power Shredding Tires And Spinning Dynos

Since today is 4/28 you probably saw this coming, well maybe not THIS coming, but at least some kind of tribute to the 428ci engine, right? Because everyone and their brother will be talking Ford 428s today (and we will too in a little while) we thought we would zig when everyone else zagged this morning. Instead of leading with the Ford, we’re going to show you some videos of the “other” 428, the large journal Pontiac engine that was a short three year hero in the company’s large car lineup. Because of the limited production run, the Pontiac 428 doesn’t have the cache or widespread respect that the Ford engine has but the 428 is an interesting mill.

Perhaps the neatest thing about the 428 is that it is a direct descendant of Pontiac’s legendary 421 which was a killer on drag strips and speedways during the early 1960s. The 428 is a 421 bored out to 4.12″ and it has the same 4″ stroke that the 421 did. There were multiple versions of the engine produced each year of it manufacture. In 1967 there was a 360 and 376hp version. In 1968 there was 375hp and 390hp available, and in 1969 you could go 360, 370 or 390hp off of the menu.

As they were all equipped with a four barrel and dual exhaust, we’re not sure if it was induction, exhaust, or cam that made the horsepower difference, but we do know that this was a romper stomper of an engine. While intended for the large cars was right at home in smaller Pontiacs and wrecking yards were picked clean of them many years ago by Pontiac enthusiasts who bolted them into Firebirds, Lemans Coupes and whatever else they could fit them into.

Now that you have some history on the engine, let’s get to the videos of the Pontiac 428 getting to work wrecking tires, roaring on dynos, and running down strips!

(The Ventura has a 428 in it!)


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8 thoughts on “Celebrating The “Other” 428 On 4/28 – A Video Bonanza Of Pontiac 428 Power Shredding Tires And Spinning Dynos

  1. Vaughn Vogt

    I put a Pontiac 428 in my 65 GTO Convertible that I purchased in 1986 for 100 dollars,no engine no trsns, not top no front end sheet metal. It took me 3 years to build my car. Took it to The World of Wheels in 1986,Chicago and got a First Place Trophy!!!
    I still own this car today and looking forward to driving it this Summer 2022.

  2. Noel Brandon

    My first car was a 67 Bonneville, I was 17 a senior in high school. Got a reckless driving ticket for leaving a 297’ “ acceleration mark” on the street. Of course I did it right in front of 2 motorcycle cops that were hidden from my view because of a hedge. In court they stated that I rolled past them on a ball of smoke… Dad was not happy..

  3. robert McDonald

    A friend of mine has 68 or 67 pontiac with 428 motor, He will sell it. Let me know if any body wants to buy it.

    1. Kevin

      Hi. If you are knowledgeable about the 428 Engine, I am looking to purchase a Catalina with that engine in it. Just trying to figure out if you know, or anyone else knows how to determine if it is the 260 hp variant, or the 360 hp variant.

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