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Chevy Silverado Super Bowl Ad Takes Direct Shot at Ford!

Chevy Silverado Super Bowl Ad Takes Direct Shot at Ford!

To use the title from a famous WWII era song, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition!” The crosstown rivalry between Ford and Chevy is 100% back on track and we’re all starting the see the goodness in that. For years the two companies were stumbling along like punch drunk fighters taking weak shots at one another with little to no effect. With the recent flaps over the Camaro ZL1 and Mustang GT500, the fact that both will have drag race specific models running head to head on the strip in the relatively near future, and an ever escalating war over horsepower and torque in trucks, they are back to throwing haymakers at one another.

Case in point is this bitchin’ at for the Chevy Silverado that will air this weekend during the “big game” in Indiana. The ad features the destruction of the Mayan apocalypse and one guy rolling through it in a relatively unscathed Chevy truck. He meets up with a group of fellow Chevy owners, one in a  neato late 1970s step-side half ton, and they munch a Twinkie while talking about one of their friends who didn’t make it….because he drove a Ford!

We were pretty surprised that they actually called them out by name, and surprised in a good way. You know what this means, right? The Ford agency is now hard at work with something to counter back with.

Stay tuned, this is just starting to get good!

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11 thoughts on “Chevy Silverado Super Bowl Ad Takes Direct Shot at Ford!

  1. hotrodcharlie

    Coolest part of this video is that it was filmed in Detroit….and all they had to do was close a couple of streets for about fifteen minutes!

  2. Beagle

    Dave has all of their wifes… in the country… where you don’t have to “dodge” concrete, and you get stuck driving your Chebby. They’ll never find him.


  3. Remy-Z

    Wow…first it was “F**k GM” from Ford, now this. My question: Where the hell is Chrysler’s Italian in all this? They usually love talking all sorts of shit…

  4. Jay Hill

    anyone else find it ironic that they’re eating twinkies?

    ….Hostess just filed for bankruptcy.

  5. Matt Cra,er

    I got a good laugh out of the Twinkies – I think the joke there is that they supposedly have so much chemicals in them they’ll be the only manmade food around after the fall of civilization.

  6. 75Duster

    I believe one of the Super Bowl sponsors is Ford trucks. By the way I have two Dodge trucks and firearms,so I’ll make it.

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