Crash And Burn: Any Guesses As To Why This Maverick Wound Up Going Turtle?

Crash And Burn: Any Guesses As To Why This Maverick Wound Up Going Turtle?

It’s official for the driver of this Ford Maverick: this day is gonna suck. Information is very limited on what actually happened at Memphis Motorsports Park late last year, but the video from Urban Hillbilly speaks for itself: On launch the Maverick torques to the right with it’s wheels up, heading towards the wall. The driver goes to make a correction and the car gets very loose, ultimately ending up rolling over once and rolling backwards into the wall. Did something in the rear suspension let loose? It’s very difficult to tell from the video. Did the driver over-correct? Possibly, but when the wall is rushing up quickly it’s hard to fault his moves. Either way, it’s another car down and probably a good time to go sit down and have a beer in a quiet place.

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9 thoughts on “Crash And Burn: Any Guesses As To Why This Maverick Wound Up Going Turtle?

  1. Tedly

    I didn’t realize how hard it hooked right until the second point of view. Man, that is immediate! Looks like something in the right rear suspension gave as soon as he launched, that corner really drops.

  2. malc

    I thought the front shocks were to soft, driver input was not getting to the track.
    Never did think it looked right when some cars with drag shocks on the front got to bouncing the front end down the track.

  3. T.J. Stagg

    Break an axle on launch would be my guess. Appears to be a leaf sprung car still and the diff looks square on the roll over.

  4. dave

    he broke a tierod when it came down. You can see the wheels responding differently as he try’s to correct.

  5. Hap 88

    That happened in ’07, I think. I bought that car (repaired) a couple years ago, but never finished it and recently sold it. Front leaf spring hanger bolt broke is what I was told caused that crash.

    1. Hap 88

      That was, by the way, the old Pro Edelbrock Racing Series, which I believe gave birth to NMCA. The Maverick ran Nostalgia Muscle Car.

  6. Garry

    The GTO in his rear view mirror made him paranoid. Once the confidence level has been diminished it’s all over.

  7. HukedOnPhonixWurkedFerMe

    @ :29 seconds you can see what appears to be the front of the drivers side rear spring dislocated from the mount…


    I raced with this guy ,it broke a rear shock.i was there for this one . the car was fixed ,but I don’t think he raced it after this.

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