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Crazy Video: A Drag Bike Runs 6.87 While Pulling a Quarter Mile Wheelie!

Crazy Video: A Drag Bike Runs 6.87 While Pulling a Quarter Mile Wheelie!

Motorcycle drag racer Chip Ellis has competed and won at all levels of the sport and on top of a multitude of different motorcycles. Most of you know his name from NHRA Pro Stock Motorcycle competition, but he didn’t just fall out of the sky onto an NHRA bike. Nope, he worked his way there, even going faster than any Pro Stock bike will go for the forseeable future.

In this video you’ll see Ellis run 6.87 seconds which is insane in itself. The hook is that he’s riding a Funny Bike class machine with is a highly modified drag race motorcycle, obviously. This baby launches off, gets up on the tire and the wheelie bar and never touches terra firma until he crossed the stripe. Don’t believe us? Look for the puff of smoke. That’s the front tire touching down!

We’re not sure why the announcer is (a) Australian and (b) devoid of any excitement at watching this happen. We’d have been going absolutely nutso!


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5 thoughts on “Crazy Video: A Drag Bike Runs 6.87 While Pulling a Quarter Mile Wheelie!

  1. Gary Smrtic

    That’s how the chassis are designed. If the front wheel isn’t hoisted up there like that, you are in for a miserable handling run. My funnybike was the same way, you hoist the wheel at the hit, and it doesn’t tuch down again until you chop the throttle past the lights. Then it puffs smoke like an airliner tire touching down! Most fun you can have with your clothes on, bar none…

  2. Mr. Harder

    As a motorcycle drag racer myself, this is a cool video… but you guys have got to watch more up to date clips… this one is over 10 years old. A LOT has happened in the last decade in the drag-bike world…. there are street tire no-wheelie-bar bikes going 6.90s now, and andrew hines holds the pro-stock record at 6.72…..
    I’m not dissing the clip. Chip Ellis is awesome, and so is that ride…. but boys we have got to get into this decade!

  3. timebomb

    the announcer is named brian Johnson from England and this an old idba video and one of the reasons he is so calm is he used to ride a monster top fuel bike himself called the imperial wizard, thanks for putting this video up, as a dragbike racer myself these things are awesome to see in person and these types of bikes are the reason I want go faster ,what a rush the cars may be quicker but I don’t know if the are as exciting.

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