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Cruising In The Rain: The Vehicles Of The Chelsea Cruise In The UK

Cruising In The Rain: The Vehicles Of The Chelsea Cruise In The UK

Well, it’s nice to see that some car events aren’t completely binned. Unfortunately, making it to the Chelsea cruise isn’t exactly a thing we can do. Yes, I’ve got a passport and I’ve put it to good use over in that end of the world before, but asking the powers that be to cover the cost of a plane ticket, rental car and hotel stays is right up there with every wish list I’ve ever sent to Santa Claus. Best of luck, keep dreaming and all that. One of these days, it has to happen though. There’s a lot of good machines hidden and I simply didn’t see enough of them when we took our trip to Scotland and Ireland a few years back. There’s a whole horde of machines that I haven’t had the chance to experience, like UK Escorts and Capris that aren’t just parked in the weeds.

Standing out in the rain to catch some interesting cars flying by might not sound like your idea of a good time but for some, it’s a great time. Taken from the Chelsea Cruise, this motley collection of UK, US and JDM pieces blends together nicely. Front-drive Fiestas scratchin’ for traction, some V8 American bits here and there and even the Subaru with the huge wing in white…out driving in the rain, out enjoying the roads.

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One thought on “Cruising In The Rain: The Vehicles Of The Chelsea Cruise In The UK

  1. Henrik

    Try and make to power meet in sweden. There is a whole town that is converted to a party for a week when 30 000 people invade, to see more than 3000 cars. Mostly us cars hotrods and so one. There is alot of those events troughout sweden every summer. Also the swedes have High quality on there builds so there is something for everyone. At Night there is cruising everywhere and u can sit all Night and watch cars go by doing a burnout from time to time. Go look at power magazines calender for more info on events if you are in the neighburhood.


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