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Eat Your Heart Out, Draguar: This Burnout-Ready Jag Rules!

Eat Your Heart Out, Draguar: This Burnout-Ready Jag Rules!

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Then the Roadkill boys ought to be very, very flattered by “WHY NOT”, a Jaguar XJ6 that completely and utterly apes their Draguar. The recipe is the same: small-block Chevrolet (here, a 383), blower, liberal application of the long pedal on the right, enough vaporized rubber for a lifetime. The differences are difficult to spot, but we will try. For one, WHY NOT is cleaner, sporting white paint that would be supermodel-in-lingerie friendly if it weren’t for the bug catcher sticking out of the bonnet, and the factory Jag front wheels are a nice touch.

On the car’s debut at the Burnout King show at Perth Motorplex, it came out swinging for the fences and looks damn good, making enough noise and fog to hold it’s own music video…if you could find a hair-metal band good enough to back it. Unfortunately, this is where WHY NOT again bites the Draguar’s style, when halfway through what is supposed to be an epic performance, the engine decides enough is enough and cuts bait.

British comfort, American V8 power, Australian lunacy. Bravo!

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4 thoughts on “Eat Your Heart Out, Draguar: This Burnout-Ready Jag Rules!

  1. Chevy Hatin' Mad Geordie

    Yeah – I thought so.

    It had to be a Chevy motor!

    It amazes me that some dworks don’t know that many other manufacturers made V8s including Jaguar themselves, A Ford motor would have been acceptable as they owned Jaguar at one time. But that would have taken brain power which is something these mouth breathing morons just do not have!

  2. ollie

    waste of a nice series 1 XJ6 – use a series III, which are cheap as chips, not a classic for this hoonfest. I don’t get the aussie tire smoking thing, it’s kind of annoying like drifting.

    big fan of a full bore burnout before a drag race but the donuts thing just seems a little lame to me…

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